Stress, sunbathing and numerous metamorphoses? Jennifer Lopez’s hair is in a deplorable condition. She showed how they really look

On July 24, Jennifer Lopez will be 52 years old, and although time has stopped for her, her job requires a lot of sacrifice. It is enough to mention the hair, which must look perfect during every gala, concert or meeting with paparazzi. Okay, that’s usually the way it is, but numerous treatments certainly don’t make them stronger.

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Jennifer Lopez impresses with its figure. She showed up on the beach in a bikini and a light coat

Stress, sunbathing and numerous metamorphoses? Jennifer Lopez’s hair is in a deplorable condition. She showed what they really look like

Only at the beginning of June, Poles could feel that summer is finally coming. Jennifer Lopez Lopez as a resident of Los Angeles can enjoy sunny weather every day. Thanks to the sun’s rays, her body certainly produces adequate amounts of vitamin D, but her hair suffers from drying out. As a consequence, it weakens their structure, and then they fall out. J.Lo must protect them from the sun in a special way. Reason? In blondes, they are extremely thin and delicate. We therefore advise you to bring a hat or cap to the beach.

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Remember Jennifer’s lush hairstyle from last year’s Super Bowl Half Time Show? Yes, the whole world was delighted with the artist’s hair, but it is a pity that it was mostly attachments. They also do not affect the use of natural hair, mainly weighing it down. In addition, a lot of specifics are used in such a procedure – starting from pastes, paints, and ending with drying varnishes.

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez Instagram / @jenniferlopez

Although many people forget about it, stress is the cause of hair loss and, before that, the weakening of hair bulbs. The beautiful J.Lo has probably had a lot of it recently. She broke up with Alex Rodriquez … Although the couple assures that they are on friendly terms, it was not an easy decision. Even if the American star did not regret too long after breaking off the engagement (she is dating her fiancé from years ago – Ben Affleck), she had to do a lot of research to prevent her new relationship from coming to light soon. Ever since that happened, the singer and actor have had a hard time getting rid of the photojournalists who wander outside their beautiful Hollywood villas.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben AffleckJennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck East News

To sum up, if you have fine hair, remember not to “tan” them, try to stress less and show yourself in a natural hairstyle more often, without diversifying it with unnecessary specifics. In addition, an important advice for all those who dream of healthy and shiny hair – do not wash your hair in warm or hot water, lukewarm water is enough to prevent oily skin.

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