Strike in Hollywood: the unexpected and historic gesture of Dwayne Johnson

Several weeks after the start of the strike in Hollywood, actor Dwayne Johnson wanted to support those involved in the movement. Find out how.

It is a movement that continues to make ink flow across the Atlantic. For several weeks already, the world of the American seventh art has been upset by a historic strike. Georges Clooney, Mandy Moore, Meryl Streep, Colin Farrell, Ben Stiller or even Jennifer Lawrence are among the many actors to support those who complain about the precariousness of the cinema professions, especially since the arrival of streaming platforms.

This strike, started by screenwriters, has also caused the suspension of several expected film and series shoots, such as Emily in Paris For example. Another problem for the strikers is the success of artificial intelligence, which threatens the work of the actors just as much.Artificial intelligence will affect everyone. If we don’t solve this problem now, how can we do it in the future?“, said the actress Susan Sarandon with the BBC.

Dwayne Johnson backs strikers

And obviously, the list of artists to support the strikers continues to grow. According to information from variety, Dwayne Johnson, also known by the pseudonym The Rock, has donated a substantial sum to the actors’ union called SAG-AFTRA. If the precise amount has not been made public, our colleagues still indicate that the sum is “seven digits”.

“This is the most important individual donation we have ever received”made a point of specifying Cyd Wilson, director of the SAG-AFTRA Foundation. “This check will help thousands of actors, whether to feed themselves, ensure the safety of their children or to drive their carhe added, still with Variety. A historic act of solidarity.

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