Stripper heels go mainstream


Trend shoesStripper heels go mainstream

Stars like Jennifer Lopez and Vanessa Hudgens have embraced these ultra-high wedges. According to fashion professionals, these shoes would empower women.

Johanna Senn

Johanna Senn

Transparent stiletto heels are becoming more popular and are no longer reserved for professional dancers.

Transparent stiletto heels are becoming more popular and are no longer reserved for professional dancers.


See-through dresses are trending right now, but they’re not the only ones. Shoes also rely on transparency. Like stripper heels, which, with their high heels and thick soles, give the illusion of endless legs. Trending this season, these shoes, originally worn by strippers and pole dancers, have been adopted by stars like Jennifer Lopez, Kate Beckinsale, Cardi B and Vanessa Hudgens.

These stars bet on transparent soles

Jennifer Lopez is one of the stars celebrating clear-soled heels.


Actress Kate Beckinsale has also succumbed to the trend. On her 50th birthday, the ‘Pearl Harbor’ star accessorized her outfit with a feather boa and stripper heels.


Cardi B herself has a background as a stripper. The rapper does not hide it, and it also happens to him to wear this kind of heels.

Brands also play transparency

Apart from the stars, brands such as Amina Muaddi have also chosen transparency, with the difference that the shoes of the Romanian-Jordanian stylist do not have stiletto heels, but very trendy wedge heels.

The Brazilian brand Larroude also presents shoes with transparent high heels. Actress Vanessa Hudgens has already adopted this look.

What relationship with power?

But what do these high-heeled shoes have to do with power? As celebrity stylist Jyotisha Bridgers explains to the site Page SixStyle, “a look that was once characterized as taboo or degrading is now accessible to as many people as possible”. Added trend-spotter Trudy Walter, “The hyper-feminine aesthetic embodied by the stripper heel is coming back to the fore in a new era of feminism.” She makes the analogy with the Barbiecore trend.

According to her, it is important to appreciate the past of this style of shoes. “While stars and fashionistas may maintain their safety and status by embracing such trends, strippers and sex workers continue to live in a dangerous reality and are exposed to many stereotypes.”

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