Striscia la Notizia: Velina Anastasia has Covid. Instead of her Valentina Corradi

Striscia la Notizia: Velina Anastasia has Covid. Instead of her Valentina Corradi

Gabibbo and Valentina Corradi

There Velina Anastasia Ronca is positive for covid and will not be able to participate in the episodes of Strip the news. Today it debuts on the counter of Antonio Ricci’s satirical news Valentina Corradi. The blonde new entry of Paperissima Sprinttwo times Italian champion under 21 in sport dance, will realize the deadlifts together with the brunette Velina Cosmary Fasanelli.

Valentina Corradi is Ligurian from Rapallo (Genoa), born in 2001. During her high school years she trained between La Spezia and Marina di Massa, every day her parents accompanied her to dance and she studied by car and until late in the evening. Her life has always been dancing, even if, between one competition and another, she too managed to win a couple of beauty contests. She has always liked the world of television. In 2019 you took part in a challenge to Amici, a good experience too because it coincided with her eighteenth birthday.

Anastasia is fine and looking forward to returning to Stripwill follow the episodes from home.

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