Strong bad weather in the South. Rain and gusts of wind on Messina, southern Calabria and the Aeolian Islands

The wave of bad weather continues in the southern regions. In particular this morning a strong storm is breaking down in the southern part of the peninsula, especially in the coastal strip that leads from Aeolian Islands, the Strait of Messina and Calabria Tyrrhenian.

Heavy rain, gusts of wind, thunder and lightning have lashed Messina, especially along the north coast. In Pace, manholes on tilt, damaged road and traffic diverted by the Municipal Police. Collapsed trees in the city center (damage in via S. Elia) and on the coast road. All patrols on the territory are coordinated directly by the commander Stefano Blasco.

The most serious situations affect the areas of Granatari, Torre Faro, Ganzirri, Tono and Mortelle where landslides and flooding have occurred caused by malfunctioning of the sewage system especially in the lakes area, but also in Faro. The president of the VI municipality Francesco Pagano in fact, he requested the intervention of the Amam. “The underground utilities are old and dilapidated, undersized compared to the current demographic conditions of the area”, comments Pagano.

Bad weather did not spare the southern area either, in particular the Zafferia area, where a part of the roadway was “blown” in via Dell’Anno Santo at the corner with via Giuseppe Cianciafara. In addition, flooding is also reported in the area of ​​the port of Tremestieri.

Discomforts also in Reggio and in the province

Bad weather is causing inconvenience also in the province of Reggio Calabria, and in particular in Scylla, where there were about twenty interventions by the firefighters made necessary following the inconvenience caused by the rain. According to what has been learned, the Ionian area is affected only by a few gusts of wind and some scattered rains without requests for help. The violent storm that hit the city and some areas of the province at dawn today caused traffic problems in Reggio Calabria. Bad weather particularly affected the northern outskirts of the city and in particular the inhabited areas of Catona, Gallico and Archi. Via Antonino Scopelliti, the access road to the hilly area of ​​«Arghillà» from the former state road 18, where a prison is also located, has turned into a stream that has overwhelmed numerous cars. The fire brigade of the provincial command is carrying out at least twenty interventions to put people in safety. The storm is moving rapidly down the Ionian coast of Reggio, affecting the coastal area of ​​the municipalities of Melito Porto Salvo, Marina di San Lorenzo, Condofuri and Bova Marina.


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