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Trabzonspor made shocking statements after the Galatasaray match played in the second week of Trandiol Super League.

Trabzonspor’s full statement:

After the Galatasaray – Trabzonspor match played last night and where the home team was hosted by the exemplary hospitality, we had to make this statement for two important reasons.

1. The referees, especially the VAR referees had the audacity to decide the score of the match. This is an unacceptable practice and should never be repeated again.

2. Galatasaray president Dersun Ozbek has since last season made a strategy to put the referee and the federation under pressure, regardless of the circumstances, and yet continues to pledge future matches in the role of the victim. The points got him under pressure.

Although our President Mr. Ertugrul Dogan insisted Mr. Mehmet Büyükkeci sincerely and emphatically during his visit to Riva last week, the Turkish Football Federation and the Central Arbitration Board were once again informed of the risks that they face Been waiting for and which should have been taken care of since last season itself. We consider it our duty to reiterate this again, and remind you that the level of justice seen on the field in the first weeks is far from what was promised.

Although we know that the points we lost will not be returned and that our player with a broken rib cannot be paid, we await with great attention the decision to be made regarding those who have made clear and unambiguous Stole our Trabzonspor points by ignoring them. Dozens of camera recordings in the VAR room.

We humbly remind you that we will not tire of pursuing even the smallest injustice, and we will not forget what was done and who did it, according to the stubbornness that has become Trabzonspor’s motto.”

Galatasaray reacts after the match

Responding to referee Attila Karaoglan mid-match, Galatasaray president Dursun Ozbek said, “Couldn’t have done a better job! I congratulate Attila Karaoglan. Someone is keeping things tidy at the start of the season.” We’re just playing another match!” words were used.

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