Students sue Harvard University for allowing anti-Semitism to flourish on campus

Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, December 12, 2023. REUTERS/Brian Snyder/File

this Harvard University already Sued by Jewish students Who accuses her of making her campus a “Citadel of Anti-Semitism” rampant.

In a lawsuit filed Wednesday night in federal court in Boston, students accuse Harvard University of “Selectively” apply their policies to avoid protecting Jewish students from harassmentignored their requests for protest and Employ teachers who support anti-Semitic violence and spread anti-Semitic propaganda.

Students file lawsuit after university president, Claudia Gayresigned last week and faced Strong criticism of his response to anti-Semitism later on campus Hamas terror attacks against Israel October 7, 2023.

Claudine Gay speaks during a House Education and Workforce Committee hearing on anti-Semitism on college campuses at the U.S. Capitol. Europa Press/Contact/Michael Brochstein/File

The lawsuit seeks remedies, including a court order barring Harvard from violating federal civil rights laws prohibiting discrimination.Other schools e.g. New York University and UC Berkeleyfacing similar lawsuits.

Since war broke out between Israel and Hamas in Gaza three months ago, academic institutions around the world have been rocked by controversies over free speech and the right to protest.

Claudia Gay He resigned last week amid accusations of plagiarism and criticism of testimony at a congressional hearing in which he failed to make clear campus demands Genocide of the Jews would violate the University’s conduct policy.

Gay announced his departure in a letter to the Harvard community just months after taking office.

Last month, she and the presidents of MIT and the University of Pennsylvania were criticized for their legal responses to a series of questions raised by New York representatives. Elise Stefanik, who asked whether “calling for the genocide of the Jewish people” would violate the university’s code of conduct.Three presidents subpoenaed to Republican-led House Education and Workforce Committee to respond to allegations against universities We fail to protect Jewish students amid growing concerns about anti-Semitism worldwide.

US university authorities respond to campus anti-Semitism

Gay said it depends on the circumstances, adding When “words turn into actions, it violates our policies.” The response was met with swift backlash from Republican and some Democratic lawmakers, as well as the White House.Famous humor TV show opening sketch parodied by viewers Saturday Night Live.

Gay later apologized and told the student newspaper Crimson Land She got into a heated exchange at a House committee hearing and failed to adequately report threats of violence against Jewish students.

“What I should calmly do in that moment is return to my guiding truth, which is “Calls for violence against our Jewish community (threats against our Jewish students) have no place at Harvard and will never go unanswered,” Guy said.

The incident tainted Gay’s initial tenure at Harvard (she became president in July) and sowed the seeds of discord on the Ivy League campus.Thursday, Rabbi David Volpe He resigned from the new anti-Semitism committee created by Guy and

House committees recently announced they would investigate disciplinary policies and procedures at Harvard University, MIT, and the University of Pennsylvania.A separate federal investigation was previously launched Civil Rights at Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania and Several Other Universities In response to complaints filed with the U.S. Department of Education.

(Information from Reuters, AP and EFE)

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