Studying MIR and party at the same time: is it possible?

Mar Sánchez has been in medical school for more than half a year completing her medical degree. University of Girona and changed the match record Mir 2024 Taking into account date: next January 20. There are less than two weeks until the exam, and she feels “very proud” when she looks back on this time.On the same day that this “journey” of growth began, he received Bad news about a family member’s healthBut he knows how to overcome adversity Focus on learning, Although there is a realistic perspective: “I told myself that there were more important things in life and that logically at that moment things were not going to go the way I expected and nothing would happen if something went wrong.”

Leisure time during preparation for MIR

With this thought in mind, Sanchez embarked on a journey he knew strike a balance find as many as possible moment of disconnection. “I went out and partyed as much, if not more, in preparation for MIR than I did in the last few years of my degree,” he told us.At the end of training (usually on Saturdays), the inner voice always told him the same thing: “I need a beer.” Her friends joked that she was “losing neurons,” but during this time they All realizedThe Importance of Quality Rest for Healthier, More Effective Performance.

But as the calendar progressed, things changed, and Study time increasingly takes up more of the day. “You get into a dynamic where you have less and less stuff left, they give you a lot of syllabus subjects to review and you find you’re not getting there and you want to see everything. You reduce your leisure time , even though that’s not how it should be,” he said.

“You get into a dynamic where you have less and less time left, they give you a lot of review subjects from the syllabus and you find that you don’t arrive (…) and you reduce your leisure time.”

At this point in his “MIR year,” he realized he still had energy because Work better under pressure. Even so, he said he was “very aware” that he always had to sleep eight hours: “If one day I finish studying at 10:30 at night and go to bed at 12 noon, and then I have to get up at 8:00 in the morning and then start studying, I will do it,” he said. He also believes it is crucial to respect Sunday’s rest period.

despite this, final stretch This journey is characterized by accumulated exhaustion. “Every day I have a hard time getting out of bed; I ended up dozing off ten alarm clocks“, he told us. He December The situation becomes more complicated even for her, taking into account the holidays, which, according to her, She doesn’t particularly like Christmas.. “Because the library opened at different times and I was studying at home in the morning, I was pressed for time and started a little later every day,” he recalled. It also adds a section of seeing how her family and friends “gather or travel” while she only sees the notes on the table.

Anesthesiology or critical care medicine?

at that time Choose a major, Sanchez had two careers in mind, which emerged at different times in his career.The first was anesthesia, which caught his attention during the surgery first year of college After discarding The idea of ​​becoming a neurosurgeon I had it from the beginning. But by the time she entered her fourth year of internship, another concern had been added to her imagination: critical care medicine, so much so that she described herself as “falling in love with the profession.”

“Everyone tells you they are two very similar specialties, although the quality of life is better and there are more opportunities in anesthesiology,” he explains.However, “heart” leads him in a Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Even so, he preferred to “put aside” the dilemma until he knew his real options: “When I know where these four months are going to go, I’m going to think about what my life is like,” he concluded.

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