Stuff for the rich / On Rete 4 the film with Paolo Villaggio and Lino Banfi

Stuff for the rich, network film 4 directed by Sergio Corbucci

Stuff for the rich it goes aired on Rete 4 for the afternoon today, Thursday 2 June, starting at 4.45pm. It is an Italian film from 1987 that includes an episodic structure directed by Sergio Corbucci who also wrote the story and collaborated in the drafting of the screenplay together with Mario Amendola, Bruno Corbucci, Gianni Romoli, Bernardino Zapponi and Massimo Franciosa . The film was produced by Reteitalia and Scena Film Production with distribution managed by Medusa Distribuzione.

The editing was done by Ruggero Mastroianni with the photography by Sergio D’Offizi. In the cast there are many famous people from the Italian show business for which Paolo VillaggioSerena Grandi, Lino Banfi, Laura Antonelli, Renato Pozzetto and Francesca Dellera.

Stuff for the rich, the plot: an episodic film

We read the plot from Stuff for the rich. In the first episode, an insurer named Attilio falls in love with a beautiful woman who uses her weakness to scam the agency. In fact Attilio is convinced that the woman is in love with him and that she would like to kill her husband to pocket the damages provided for by a policy that Attilio has to sign. In turn, the husband agrees with his wife to defraud the poor insurer and obtain a hefty reward.

Eventually both the alleged lover and the same husband will both be played by the cunning woman who will keep all damages to herself and enjoy the good life as the two find themselves on a remote island with no chance of being saved. In the second episode we talk about a famous Apulian entrepreneur who produces orecchiette and who never misses an opportunity to betray his wife during his business trips.

The wife who knows this situation well decides to organize a sort of joke against him to make him understand how all this is wrong, in particular she pretends to be depressed and that the only salvation for her life is to make her live a story of love with a young French artist named Napoleon and eventually both will go back to doing what they do every day – pretending to be a happy family. In the third and last episode, the story of a poor provincial priest is told who organizes a trip with his parish to go to Lourdes with an intermediate stop in Montecarlo. During the night in Montecarlo, the priest is arrested by the guards of his royal highness because he looks very much like the man who every night enters the love dreams of her princess making her restless. The priest will have to be part of a sort of sketch to unlock the princess and make sure that she can finally get married with her next husband.

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