“Suances is a tourist municipality that has not been stable in the past”

Afterwards 16 years as mayor of SwanseaAndres Ruiz Moya looks to the future after a legislature that, despite being very difficult, he himself classifies as “brilliant”.

What have been the priorities while operating Suance?

The truth is that we have found ourselves in a somewhat difficult legislature, quite complex, perhaps the most complex in recent times because we have had to deal with the consequences of a pandemic that has been very harsh and has forced us to change ourselves to some extent. forced to. Way. We’ve got to help the hotel and business community, we’ve got to help the most economically vulnerable, we’ve got to give medicines to the elderly, give food to students from school canteens, provide masks, disinfect parks Have to do, intersections… Of course this would not have been possible without the cooperation of both the local police and the Civil Defense, to whom I congratulate very much because we all did a commendable job.

It’s been a tough legislature but probably the most brilliant of all

It has been a difficult legislature, but perhaps the most spectacular, in which we have also had to face Putin’s cruel and happy war, which has somehow affected the world, in addition to the pandemic, the transport strike, the rise in prices of materials … But as I told you, this has definitely been, after 16 years as mayor, the most difficult legislature, but also the most wonderful because if we talk a little bit about this period, we Let’s talk about rebuilding it. The tour, in its first and second stages. A wider, more modern, functional and operational ride. We are talking about walkways and viewpoints as a tourist reference, a window to the sea through the dune area.

We are talking about a comprehensive renovation of the football field, from the replacement of artificial turf, the renovated old changing rooms and other new ones, urbanization and access, the bar area … We are also talking about the medieval tower of Tagle In order to preserve the historical heritage, we do this from Los Locos viewpoints and walkways, a real luxury on the beach.

From the covering of parks, we have 25 in the municipality and at the moment we are in the process of covering the third park around the boulevard. We are also talking about renovating the Town Hall to make it more operational and more efficient. With housing and day centers for the elderly, this means that the elderly do not need to leave the municipality.

Also Hinojedo Plaza and bowling alley, walking paths, cemeteries and funeral homes, institutions, gyms and indoor and heated pools or we are talking about bike paths.

Without a doubt, they are the jewel in the crown of a tourist municipality that has not been anchored in the past and that has been a blow to all the inhabitants at the tourist and municipal level. Also, without forgetting to maintain the roads, cleanliness and lighting.

-And now, what are the main challenges for the future?

We currently have important works underway, among which I would like to highlight the urbanization of the boulevard, which we are almost at the stage of completion, with a renovated and covered park and with a comprehensive remodeling of the light source. As well as the renewal and expansion of the water supply in Tagle and Puente Avios, the urbanization of Pialagos Street is also in the execution phase, a street that will be more operational, that will become semi-pedestrian, will have only one direction and will be more orderly and Safe.

Remodeling of the auditorium basins to gradually solve the problems of flooding, this extensive renovation of the roof and interior spaces and a space for the arts with water pools surrounding the Espadanal Park. It is not that they have been resolved 100%, but they are 90% resolved and we are working with the drafting of the project to address the gap that remains.

In the Ribeira region we have a great setting to promote culture through the rehabilitation of the Jaime del Amo Palace, where we will have a magnificent theater and cultural center that will be a national and international reference. An 18th-century palace in an emblematic location, a wonderful construction and setting overlooking the sea, where I will again refer to the great star project that will be the construction of a funicular ship. We must rehabilitate the Casa de los Gardes to turn it into a museum of the sea, but everything does not end there.

We have important projects that we will start soon and among them I want to mention the pump track in La Junquera de Hinojedo for the youngest, parking for motorhomes and to organize better tourism, the improvement and expansion of the health center and health services or Miengo and recovery of the route of the Camino de Santiago between Suances.

Cleanliness and elimination of cracks, the change of sodium vapor lighting to LED lamps or the bicycle path between Hinojedo and Cortiguera, passing through the area from La Concha Street, through the inner belt connecting the bike lanes on the height of the Asturiana de Zinc. , connecting with Cortiguera and Ongayo to continue with a bike path that already exists in the Tagle area in La Tablía and connect with the Paseo Marítimo. We are talking about the restoration of the slope of the mountain, for which we already have 465,000 euros of financing, to eradicate invasive plants, dusters, to install chambers on the trails, also to install a zip line For, through the European funds that are already available to the City Council and I anticipate that this important work will begin within the year.

Of course, the Navy Ship Museum will serve to deepen the history and culture of the sea. It will be a museum with an important tourist attraction. We have already signed the agreement with the Ministry of Defense and the boat is in Cartagena and at the end of the year this too will be a reality.

As I said before, the Star Project is a funicular project that connects the lower part with the upper part, around the Jaime del Amo Palace along Atazo Street in the Ribeira area. This is undoubtedly going to be the kind of project that will mark a before and after. We already have a subsidy of 3,400,000 euros through the Tourism Sustainability Plan, but apart from this funicular, the bike path, the mountain recovery, the car park… everything will be charged to this financing.

Nor do I want to forget the very important areas that have been entrusted to the Councilors like Youth, Employment, Sports, Women, Health, Agriculture, Fisheries, Commerce and Social Welfare, in which undoubtedly all of them have done commendable work. It has different areas, so we have talked about past, present and future in this way.

– One of the main risks of Cantabria is displacement, it is a challenge to recover this young population, is it one of the biggest challenges for the future?

This is the objective of any councillor, so we also work through employment schemes and subsidies and projects that come from the Government of Cantabria. We try to ensure that young people can build their own homes on farms that their grandparents and parents may have owned and we work on drafting a general plan for this type of land expansion. So that the youth can not only create their own companies but also that they can create their own companies as SMEs or self-employed, in short, that they do not leave the city. We, from the municipalities, have this possibility, but I believe that these are the types of initiatives that they have to mark as are other administrations such as the central government and, above all, the regional government. We take the possibilities that we have and from there we will do everything possible to promote that first job among the youngest.

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