Subsidies to the forest 2021. The call for applications with extended support is starting

From November 22 this year. the next call for proposals is launched, financed from the RDP 2014-2020 budget. Subsidies to the forest in 2021, because these are the ones in question, allow for investments in private forests. It is worth emphasizing that in the recruitment that has just started, several changes were introduced, thanks to which the scope of granting aid will change.

ARMA announced the commencement of the next recruitment, which allows to obtain financial aid under “Support for investments increasing the resilience of forest ecosystems and their value for the environment”. Subsidies to the forest in 2021 under this program may be granted to owners of private forests for the implementation of forest investments.

Forest subsidies 2021 – extended scope of granting aid

First of all, it is worth emphasizing that in the announced call for applications by the ARMA for aid for investments in private forests, several changes were introduced. First of all, the scope of granting aid has been extended, thanks to which farmers can receive co-financing for the reconstruction of the species composition by re-planting gaps in stands damaged not only by diseases. From the current recruitment, subsidies to the forest in 2021 can be used for reforestation of gaps in stands damaged by pests, game and extreme weather conditions.

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Subsidies to private forests in 2021 for other investments

In addition, funding for forests is granted to the area for the implementation of other investments, such as:

  • reconstruction of the species composition of the stand by introducing a second floor in the stand or afforestation of gaps,
  • diversification of the stand structure by introducing undergrowth,
  • setting up a fire station,
  • late cleaning,
  • protection measures against animals (fencing of the firehouse or securing trees with covers or repellants).

Forest subsidies 2021 – aid rates

The amount of financial aid granted in this respect depends on the investment carried out. The different payment rates under this scheme are shown in the table below:

Agricultural news - Subsidies to the forest 2021

To sum up, it is worth trying to get subsidies to the forest in 2021. Finally, it is worth adding that the call for applications for subsidies to private forests begins November 22 this year. It will last until December 31, 2021. Farmers may submit applications and other required documents in person at the ARMA poviat offices. They can also teach it via Poczta Polska or the ePUAP e-mail inbox.

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Source: ARiMR

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