Suburbia’s three-piece room set for sale at 50% off, with imported fabrics and cushions

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suburbs is a Mexican department store chain recognized in the country for its sale of clothing, footwear and accessories, but this time we are focusing on the 50% discount it offers on certain brands three piece suitedecorated with imported fabrics.

this furniture Items in the home are designed to facilitate people’s daily activities, so some items have different functions and are therefore suitable for different rooms in the house.

In this sense, living room furniture is usually armchairs or sofas so that people can feel comfortable when receiving guests, reading, watching TV or doing other activities.

How much is half-price for a three-piece suburban suit?

The three-piece room available in Suburban with a 5% discount is the Ergo Confort brand, Chelsi gray model, which is priced from MXN 48,598 to only MXN 24,299.

According to the store’s product description, the room’s upholstery is “Imported fabrics”, which is said to give it a soft touch.

Discount housing in the suburbs. Credit:

Its gray color and modern design give it a unique look and allow it to blend in with almost any type of décor in a buyer’s home.

In addition, it has absolutely solid metal legs, includes decorative cushions and consists of a sofa, a sofa and a sofa. double sofa Two- and three-seater armchairs.

All interested parties can purchase a room at a 50% discount in the Suburbia online store or inquire about its availability at a physical branch in the territory of the Mexican Republic.

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