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An evening that once again did not betray the expectations, characterized by sobriety, elegance and a setting of absolute excellence such as that of the Ravino Gardens in Forio, which on Tuesday evening was the location of the 2022 edition of the I Love Ischia Award, an event promoted and organized by Franco Cavallaro – who has always worked for our territory – with the support of the Consortium of Tourist Operators of the Island of Ischia and Federalberghi Ischia. Alongside Cavallaro, once again, the tireless and essential figure of Luisanna Tuti. The aims of the event were the same as always, that is to select and reward journalists and personalities who during the year did their utmost to disseminate resources and images of the territory as well as to protect and promote it.

Gaetano Ferrandino receives the award from Maria Monte

In such an extraordinary setting, Maria Giovanna Elmi once again did the honors, one of the most beloved face of Italians who celebrated her fifty-year career on our island. The parterre of the winners is highly respected: Vania Colasanti, Journalist, Writer and Author of Television Programs for RAI and, subsequently, Luigi Sambucini, Director in charge of “12 o’clock”; Francesco Certo, Chief Editor of Radio Dimensione Suono Roma; Maria Pirro, Journalist of “Il Mattino”; Reverend Father Enzo Fortunato, Journalist and Writer; Gaetano Di Meglio, Managing Director of “Il Dispari”; Manuela Bottiglieri, Writer; Roberto Rossi, Vice President of the Lazio Order of Journalists; Gaetano Ferrandino, Coordinator of “Il Golfo”; Giuseppe Caporaso, Journalist and presenter of TV2000’s “Let’s be clear”; Manuela Biancospino, Deputy Director of “La Voce”; Raffaele Carlino, Carpisa’s President and Style Manager; Adele Aammendola, TG2 RAI Journalist. The Mayors of the Municipalities of Ischia, the representatives of Federalberghi Ischia, who every year contribute, with their commitment, to keep the image of the island high with the guests will deliver the certificates of friendship, to whom an adequate welcome will be offered so that this is told. and spread all over the world.

The actor and singer Romolo Bianco

Among the winners also the coordinator of our newspaper, Gaetano Ferrandino, who on stage received the award that was given to her by the entrepreneur Maria Monte. “It is a prize that is given to myself and withdrawn by me – explained the journalist – but which is a tribute to the work carried out by the team and the team that daily carry out the Il Golfo project. Which is undoubtedly inspired by the concept of loving Ischia: we have always made sober information, aimed at the growth of the territory, helped in this by the support of our editor Ottorino Mattera, all collaborators and opinion leaders, who through their contribution they feed debate and create food for thought that often helps to improve and improve. It is thanks to all of them if we are here today and we will be given a prize for which we must thank everyone ”. For the record, the evening was enlivened by the splendid voice and guitar of Romolo Bianco and embellished by the gastronomic delicacies of the Locanda di Vito.

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