Success of the film “Barbie”: Margot Robbie will receive $50 million in salary and bonuses

The phenomenal success of Barbie at the global box office pays big dividends for Margot Robbie. The film’s actress and producer will earn about $50 million in salary and bonuses, the magazine revealed on Monday. variety.

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Released on July 21, Barbie has already earned nearly $1.2 billion worldwide and was still at the top of the North American box office last weekend. This is the first time that a feature film directed by a woman (in this case, Greta Gerwig) has crossed the billion dollar mark at the global box office.

According to varietyMargot Robbie will receive, in addition to her salary, bonuses linked to the performance of Barbie at the box office for her work as an actress, but also as a producer of the film.

It is not uncommon in Hollywood to see actors and actresses receive large bonuses for the success of their films at the box office. About ten years ago, Sandra Bullock received $70 million for her role in the science fiction film Gravity: $20 million in fixed fees and $50 million obtained thanks to the performance of the feature film at the box office.

Barbie was co-produced by LuckyChap Entertainment, a company Margot Robbie founded in 2014 with her husband, Tom Ackerley, which aims to tell female stories and showcase women behind the camera. Along with LuckyChap, the 33-year-old actress and producer has also produced films like Birds of Prey And A young woman full of promise.

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