such a big shark existed!

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros.

Commissioned by an international underwater life observation program near the Mariana Trench – the deepest known to date – a submersible is attacked by a creature that was thought to have disappeared.

Seriously damaged, she now lies in the Pit, deep in the Pacific Ocean, where her crew is trapped. There is no more time to waste: Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham), seabed expert rescue diver, is hired by a Chinese oceanographer, against the advice of his daughter. Taylor’s mission is to save the crew – and the marine ecosystem – from a fearsome threat: a prehistoric shark known as the megalodon…

Behind this summer blockbuster released in 2018 and calibrated by Warner, was actually hiding a film not only flying the Chinese flagbut which was the first work cut like a blockbuster respecting 100% or almost the specifications imposed by the Chinese authorities.

Understand: mainly financed by Chinese capital and populated by several Chinese actors in key roles, the film therefore did not fall under the drastic rule of quotas for foreign films authorized on the Chinese market, -quotas fixed at the starving number of 34 / year-, which are moreover taxed more and whose number of outings / combinations on screens is limited.

A monstrous size

Anyway, the film was a great success at the worldwide box office, with more than 530 million…

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