Sugar Daddy? Selena Gomez dates an older man; know the advantages

Selena Gomez gives details about her date with an older man

Selena Gomez gives details about her date with an older man

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In an interview with Elle magazine, the singer and actress Selena Gomez revealed that she has dated an older man – also known as ‘sugar daddy’ — and said he enjoyed the experience. So she highlighted all the care and attention she got from him: “I was being taken care of in a way. It was like, ‘Are you comfortable? Do you want a blanket?’ Just really sweet stuff. I thought I didn’t need any of that, but it was so kind and I don’t feel like a lot of people are like that anymore,” she mused.

For the specialist in “sugar” relationships, Caio Bittencourt, this is exactly the kind of relationship women are looking for these days. “Women’s greatest desire today is a mature, successful and drama-free relationship. They are looking for a caring, helpful man who is always concerned about his partner’s well-being and able to help wherever it is needed.”

What does it mean to have a ‘sugar daddy’?

Caio works for one of the largest “sugar” relationship promotion platforms in the country, where mature and successful men seek young and beautiful partners to “pamper” financially. The application is specific for those who want to be a ‘sugar baby’ and look for a ‘sugar daddy’or vice versa.

The 'sugar daddy' is a term used to refer to mature and successful men

The ‘sugar daddy’ is a term used to refer to mature and successful men

Photo: Shutterstock / Alto Astral

Thus, he highlights that one of the pillars of the “sugar” relationship is the transparency and honesty. “The ‘sugar daddy’ is a financially stable man and he is there to provide good experiences. This is the dream relationship not only of young women these days; maybe everyone deep down wants someone to take their hand and say: ‘It’s okay, you can let me take care of you'”, he concludes.

Therefore, for those women who seek affection and care in their relationships – among other benefits – the sugar relationship can be an alternative. The important thing is to be happy, regardless of what your way of loving is.

Source: Caio Bittencourt, specialist in “sugar” relationships and Communications Director of MeuPatrocínio platform.

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