Sugar in the gas tank, because so many people do it: you’ll never believe it

Strange as it is to find sugar in your vehicle’s petrol tank, it’s not that uncommon. But be careful because this simple gesture can damage the car in a decisive way.

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For this reason, in fact, many people use the sugar trick in a despicable way, that is to damage the car of an acquaintance of theirs for revenge.

Putting sugar in the tank will have dire consequences for our car

It does not matter if this gesture will be done as a simple joke or with the real intent to damage the vehicle, this practice puts a strain on the petrol tank and for this reason it should never be done.

In fact, even a small amount of sugar inserted into the feeding system will travel up to the cylinders. At that point the grains will reach i pistons until they are completely blocked consequently clogging our engine.

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As mentioned, however, it will not be enough to clean up to solve the problem, often, in fact, repairing the engine will not be possible. If sugar is added to the tank, however, the greatest danger is for vehicles equipped with an internal combustion engine.

The latter, in fact, run on diesel or petrol, fuels that need to mix with air to function. Through the cylinders, therefore, various operations of intake, compression and exhaust are carried out.

Most modern cars will warn us about the problem with a warning light

On the other hand, however, with the presence of the sweetener one of these phases could be blocked and we will end up with an entire engine to change. Usually, in factall the substances inserted in the tank settle on the bottom and therefore only a part is sucked by the feeding system.

Fortunately, however, the situation will not be as bad with a latest generation vehicle. These, in fact, are equipped with a filter capable of identifying any external substance that is inserted into the duct.

Obviously there will be no shortage of warnings from the medium that should show us one warning light. To solve the problem, in any case, a thorough cleaning of the vehicle will be necessary if we do not want to run into even more unpleasant consequences.

Sugar in the engine – Motori.News

The situation will be much more serious for owners of a car with an old engine. As mentioned previously, in fact, the risk here is that the sugar reaches the cylinders thus blocking their function.

Not only that, to come out battered from this spite would also be the piston rings, oil seal and the engine seizure. If for old cars the problem will be reported to us by a warning light, for older models we will not be able to help but realize that something is wrong.

As soon as this happens, the advice is to stop the engine immediately and pull over to minimize damage.

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