sultry in panties and ultra-short torn dress, EmRata makes a very notable arrival in London

For Emily Ratajkowski, fashion plays an important role. Indeed, the model likes to dress and take care of herself. And, with his dream plastic, she regularly creates buzz. It must be said that the sultry brunette is not modest, and dares all trends.

Emily Ratajkowski has a reputation to keep

Besides, that’s why we talk about her so often. Between mini-dresses, bikinis, thongs, transparency and other looks of the moment, her heart swings. To MTV VMAs, the top model arrived more sublime than ever in an unstructured dress. Without a bra, exposed stomach and back, long skirt and heels, this was an appearance that left no one indifferent.

Most recently, Emily Ratajkowski attended the party Vogue World, in London. The event celebrated the opening of London Fashion Week. To mark the occasion, the most popular celebrities responded. Obviously, the thirty-year-old model was there!

The torn dress, a new trend?

A great opportunity for her to put on an incredible new outfit. That evening, Emily Ratajkowski wore a ripped dress black in color. This one, ultra short, revealed the model’s legs. But not only !

Indeed, with the play of transparency, Emrata revealed her shapes that many women envy. Without a bra, she highlighted her generous breasts. In fact, the beautiful brunette only wore a black panties ! On the other hand, she had not forgotten to carefully accessorize her outfit.

To do this, you don’t need much. That’s why the model simply slipped on a pair of ankle boots with black heels. With her hair down and very light makeup, she seemed ready to enjoy the evening au naturel. A new surprise for Emily Ratajkowski fans.

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A new style that suits him perfectly

This total black look matched the model perfectly. Thanks to openwork parts of the dress, it revealed just enough, without overdoing it. However, Internet users regularly claim that she does too much! That evening, Emrata opted for something more sober, while exploring an unexpected style.

Indeed, with this punk-grunge-rock mix, she proved once again that she was the queen of fashion. Maybe Emily Ratajkowski even started a new trend ? In any case, as usual, she looked stunning. What will she have in store for her fans for her next public appearance?

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