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Galatasaray made a bright start to the match, which began with referee Volkan Bayerslan’s whistle at Reims Park.

While Wilfried Zaha, who started in the first 11 in yellow-red for the first time, caught threats with quick strikes from his wing, he could not get past Ankaragücü goalkeeper Bahadir Güngördu.

While the first half ended in a goalless draw, MKE Ankaragücü started the second half with a goal. In the 48th minute, Reynaldo Cephus, who brought the ball very fast from midfield, faced Fernando Muslera and scored.

While Galatasaray, who were trailing 1–0, increased their attacks, Zaha, one of the best players of the day, received the ball on the left wing and moved inside, beating Bahadir with a very difficult shot. Gave and brought equality in his team. 56th minute.

Zaha made Siftah

This goal was also Zaha’s first goal with the yellow-reds.

Playing with more urgency after the goal, the yellow-red came through with Sacha Boye on the right, and Hayarullah Bilazar, who tried to clear the star player’s shot, scored an own goal in the 69th minute.

Taking a 2–1 lead, Galatasaray showed a more balanced presence and the 90 minutes ended with the yellow-reds having the upper hand. With this result, the yellow-red increased their points to 19 and became the leaders with more than a match to play.

MKE Ankaragücü remained on 6 points.

Here are the highlights of the match:

In the 7th minute, Zaha received the ball on the left diagonal of the penalty area on a pass from Tete, and his shot went into the corner, where goalkeeper Bahadir Güngördu arrived and made an intervention. Click to view!

In the 20th minute, Morutan fired a left diagonal shot from outside the penalty area, but goalkeeper Muslera turned the ball into the ground in the last minute and prevented the goal from being scored in the far corner.

Click to view!

45+3. In the minute, Icardi received the ball in the penalty area after Boé’s pass and shot from the right wing. The final goal went to goalkeeper Bahadir Güngördu. Click to view!
MKE Ankaragücü took the lead in the 48th minute. Cephus, who got behind the defense from Efkan Bekiroglu’s pass, sent the ball into the net in the position where he was facing goalkeeper Muslera: 0-1. Click to view!
Galatasaray took a 2-1 lead in the 69th minute. Receiving the ball from Tete on the right diagonal of the penalty area, Boye sent the ball into the goal. In defence, Hairullah Bilazar sent the ball, which he tried to clear by lying down, into his own goal: 2–1. Click to view!
In the 89th minute, Sanchez sent the ball to the front post after Mertens took a corner from the right side. The leather ball hit the crossbar and went out. Click to view!

Galatasaray: 2 – MKE Ankaragücü: 1

Stadium: RAMS Park

ref: Volkan Bayerslan, Sevdet Komurcuoglu, Suleyman Oz

Galatasaray: Muslera, Boye, Sanchez, Kan Ayhan, Angelino, Kerem Demirbay (min 65 Baris Alper Yilmaz), Torreira (min 82 Abdulkerim Bardaki), Tate (min 73 Mertens), Kerem Akturcoglu (min 82 Halil Dervisoglu), Zaha (min 73 Oliveira ), icardi

MKE Ankaragücü: Bahadir Gungordu, Hayarullah Bilazer, Radakovic (min. 10 Mert Cetin), Muzakic, Hanucek (min. 82 Chatzigiovanis), Dokanovic, Ali Kan Guneren (min. 46 Atakan Cankaya), Rodrigues, Morutan (min. 61 Alper Uludag), Cephus, Bajic ( Min 46 Efkan Bekiroglu)

Yellow Card: the minimum. 42 Morutan, Min. 56 Mert Cetin, Min. 86 Muzaik (MKE Ankaragücü)

Target: the minimum. 48 Cepheus, (MKE Ankaragücü), Min. 56 Zaha, Min. 69 Hayarullah Bilazar (own goal) (Galatasaray)

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