SUMMER CHEAP CINEMA 15 holiday film festival

The genre is a clue – it suggests what to expect from a western, from a crime fiction, and what to expect from a melodrama. But sometimes the cinema plays with the genre, confuses leads, deceives and leads us astray.

Movie genres can be convenient drawers, grouping titles with similar features and iconography. When choosing a movie of a specific genre, we know exactly what to expect: in westerns we watch cowboys, in melodramas we are moved by the adventures of heroes, and in horror movies we are terrified at the sight of a monstrosity. Movie genres are also a broad source of inspiration. The starting point for creators to make unobvious searches, crowned with their own work, which often breaks the rules of the genre.

The original approach to action cinema has been demonstrated for years by British Guy Ritchie, who successfully combines criminal intrigues, mad chases, shootings and typically English humor. The program of Kinobrania includes two titles directed by him: perverse Gentlemen with a full star cast and One angry man with Jason Statham. An example of an original approach to genre conventions is also awarded with four awards at the festival in Gdynia Magnesia Maciek Bochniak. It is a western full of black humor, set in the Polish-Soviet border at the beginning of the 20th century. Christopher Nolan proposes an original redefinition of superhero cinema Dark Knight seriously delves into the dark recesses of the human soul.

A much brighter vision of life (and death!) Is offered by the Pixar studio animation What is playing in the soul. Its main character – jazz musician Joe Gardner – as a result of an unfortunate coincidence, ends up in the Underworld: an extraordinary place where new souls receive personality before descending to Earth. In a way, the film refers to the world of animation Cruella, which invites you to take a look at the iconic Cruella de Mon – a dark heroine who hunts spotted puppies in a classic Disney animation 101 Dalmatians (1961). The title character was played by Emma Stone, who during the sixth week of Kinobrania can also be admired in the full swing of Damien Chazelle’s musical La La Land.

Cinema loves to draw from real stories. Biographical films, sometimes called “biopic” films, offer an intimate look at the fate of famous characters – such as actress and singer Judy Garland, whom he tells Judy Rupert Goold. Into the performer of a timeless hit Somewhere over the Rainbow was played by (Oscar-winning) Renée Zellweger. Documentary fans should pay attention to the movie Helmut Newton. Beauty and the beast Gero von Boehm. It is an intriguing story about provocative and scandalous photographs, the lens of which was, among others,

Catherine Deneuve, Grace Jones, Charlotte Rampling, Isabella Rossellini and Claudia Schiffer.

It is hard to find a genre more associated with holiday recreation than a good detective story. The stories full of mysteries and surprises will also appear on the screens of the Pod Baranami Cinema. For knives is a film by Rian Johnson, full of humor and unusual twists, referring to the classic crime puzzles in the style of the master of the genre Agatha Christie. Hailed as the best Spanish film of 2014 Old sins have long shadows they take viewers to a small town that has been terrorized for years by a ruthless murderer. The film is also set in the Iberian Peninsula Everyone knows Asghar Farhadi. Thanks to this masterfully conducted drama with elements of a crime fiction and love story, the star duo Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem met on the screen once again.

“Cult Kinobranie” are shows of absolute classics that are worth getting to know (or refreshing yourself after many years). The program of the sixth week of Kinobranie includes disturbing ones The birds Alfred Hitchcock, still considered one of the greatest thrillers of all time and charming Roman holiday, in which Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck discover the magical atmosphere of the Eternal City. The program also features a film celebrating its 25th birthday Fargo, which in a spectacular way initiated the careers of the Coen and Frances McDormand brothers.

The cinema repertoire is enlarged by films in virtual classrooms Pod Baranami Cinema – at Each of the seven titles that complement the thematic week Cinema of genres, can be viewed for 7 days at a promotional price of PLN 9.

Costume Tulip fever is a combination of a turbulent love story with the story of the famous speculative bubble from the beginning of the 17th century. Danish War it is stretched between the court drama and the war movie. You can also trace elements of the document in it: all the soldiers appearing in the film (except the main characters) were played by real members of the armed forces. The hateful eight Quentina Tarantino is, on the one hand, an excellent western, and on the other, an interesting commentary on the racial divisions in the contemporary United States. He cares for the right dose of poetic reflection Red turtle – a captivating fairy tale for adults, made by the legendary Japanese studio Ghibli. Black and white Artist it evokes the magic of silent cinema, the end of which cannot be reconciled by the star George Valentin (in this role, Oscar-winning Jean Dujardin). The film also looks back in time My week with Marilyn, in which Michelle Williams plays the iconic Marilyn Monroe and a perverse, colorful comedy of horror Witch of love referring to the iconic productions of the British Hammer label and Italian giallo flowing with blood.

The full list of titles and the projection schedule are available at


Selected films for PLN 10

Cult Kinobranie: PLN 15

Share Collect CINEMA: Eight watched films are one free ticket!


WEEK 6. (August 6-12): Cinema of genres


CRUELLA | CRUELLA (Craig Gillespie) US / GB 2020, 134 ‘EN

THE GENTLEMEN | THE GENTLEMEN (Guy Ritchie) GB 2019, 115 ‘ EN

FARGO | FARGO (Joel Coen, Ethan Coen) US / GB 1996, 98 ‘EN [Kultowe Kinobranie]


ONE ANGRY MAN | WRATH OF MAN (Guy Ritchie) GB / US 2021,119 ‘EN

JUDY | JUDY (Rupert Goold) GB 2019, 118 ‘ EN

LA LA LAND | LA LA LAND (Damien Chazelle) US 2016 128 ‘ EN

MAGNESIA | MAGNESIUM (Maciek Bochniak) PL 2020, 120 ‘ PL

DARK KNIGHT | THE DARK KNIGHT (Christopher Nolan) US 2008 152 ‘ EN

FOR KNIVES | KNIVES OUT (Rian Johnson) US 2019 130 ‘ EN

BIRDS | THE BIRDS (Alfred Hitchcock) US 1963, 119 ‘EN [Kultowe Kinobranie]

ROMAN HOLIDAY | ROMAN HOLIDAY (William Wyler) US 1953, 118 ‘EN / IT / DE [Kultowe Kinobranie]

OLD SINS HAVE LONG SHADOWS | LA ISLA MÍNIMA (Alberto Rodríguez) ES 2014, 105 ‘ES

EVERYONE KNOWS | TODOS LO SABEN (Asghar Farhadi) ES / FR / IT 2018, 132 ‘ES / EN / CAT


on 6-12 at the price of PLN 9

ARTIST | THE ARTIST (Michel Hazanavicius) FR 2011, 100 ‘EN

Witch of love | THE LOVE WITCH (Anna Biller) US 2016, 120 ‘EN

RED TURTLE | LA TORTUE ROUGE (Michael Dudok de Wit) FR / BE 2016, 80 ‘


THE HATE EIGHT | THE HATEFUL EIGHT (Quentin Tarantino) US 2015, 168 ‘ EN

TULIP RUSH | TULIP FEVER (Justin Chadwick) US / GB 2017, 105 ‘ EN

WAR | KRIGEN (Tobias Lindholm) DK 2015, 115 ‘ DK

Films in original language versions with Polish subtitles.

Selected Polish and foreign films also with English subtitles.

The official hashtag of the festival: # Kinobranie2021

The screenings in the cinema take place in compliance with all sanitary recommendations. There are hand disinfection points in the cinema, and only some places are available in the cinema halls. Face masks that cover the mouth and nose should be worn when visiting the cinema.


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