Summer trends for styling at the beach

  • Like ready-to-wear, new trends emerge every year in the swimwear market.
  • As the sector’s largest inter-professional exhibition opens in Paris, lingerie and swimwear trends expert Vanessa Causey was asked to understand the brands’ key directions.
  • The return of swimming trunks, asymmetric and shiny swimsuits for men: the new codes are fun and do not score sobriety.

Heading off on vacation is just around the corner and you’re looking for a new swimsuit to relax on the beach with in beauty and style? We present to you the top trends we’ve seen across brands and networks this year.

“The real innovation this year is the establishment of the menstrual swimsuit, which is gaining in popularity with the presence of two new French brands, Audas and Flohr,” said Vanessa Cause, lingerie and swimwear trend expert for the International Curve Show. Paris, an event reserved for professionals in the field. According to her, “the change in body freedom in society is also reflected in the trend and women no longer want to give up swimming even during menstruation.” Other propositions also respond to this liberation of bodies. Thus the Calmoon brand offers one-size swimsuits that are able to adapt to all body types with an elastic fabric that maintains comfort and conforms to the body. Another innovation that is appearing in the swimwear market is the use of 3D knitting, a technology that makes it possible to knit a seamless piece from a single thread to provide greater comfort and flexibility.

If the menstrual swimsuit is the main technological innovation becoming more popular this summer, other trends are also clearly visible in the proposals of the big brands.

it should shine

This summer, glasses will not only be used to protect from the sun, but the jersey will also spark. “We see a strong presence of accumulated gems, beads and embroidery on very well worked straps. Some brands, such as Delysia, have even specialized in bejeweled swimsuits. Gold is very much in beachwear this year,” explains Vanessa Cause. Consumer brands such as Atom or Pretty Little Things have joined the trend by introducing models with buckles and fasteners, golden of course!

Shiny clothes come to the fore. – press service

The colors of the clothing cannot be undermined by the significant return of gold and yellow jerseys that warm up the silhouette. Lurex and sequined fabrics are also in on the party, as seen at Osho and Undies. For Vanessa Cause, “this trend is part of the emergence of the ‘up and down’ already seen in lingerie”. From now on, the jersey can be worn with skirts or trousers in the city.

Frofrow and Support

Whereas in years past, bikini bottoms were intended to be high cut, “now they go higher up on the stomach and are more draped” continues Vanessa Cause. The panties almost tickle the navel like a swimsuit from the Ysé brand and go down more on the buttocks. As for frills on the collar and shoulders, this year they are the most visible dress patterns in collections, starting with Princess Tam-Tam, which offers them on both one-piece and two-piece swimsuits. as well as in Calcedonia. Its bandeau top is covered with tulle.

Frilly adorns the neckline of many swimsuits. – press service

a persuasive nature

In contrast to the ornaments and gilding, another trend is emerging, heavily inspired by the colors and shapes of nature. “We see a wide variety in the range of green and purple. and patchwork of graphic and organic patterns reminiscent of foliage or other natural patterns,” says Vanessa Cause. The leopard pattern, which has never really disappeared from the radar, is still present in the Atom, for example. As far as the dominant colors of this summer are concerned, we can mention garnet, pink or apple green.

Zebra-inspired stripes in Pretty Little Thing – Service de Presse

Cut-out and technical swimwear, kimono… other summer trends

The cut-out trend has grown in popularity in recent years. These are ultra-cut swimsuits that show off maximum skin intermittently. This ultra-sexy swimsuit, presented as a one-piece with cutouts for more play, is seen a lot on social networks with fans such as Diane Lear or Jennifer Lopez. In contrast to these swimsuits, there are also technical swimsuits that are no longer necessarily associated with performances and swimming lessons! People such as singer Rosalia have displayed themselves with Arena logo jerseys, thus reviving interest in brands known for their high quality. Finally, because it’s not just swimsuits that wow us on the hot sand, it’s the kimono that will be making its big appearance. “This trend, which came through lingerie, is now coming to the fore. In cotton, silk or polyester, the kimono will replace the pareo in a big way this summer” assures Vanessa Cause.

Rosalia Arena poses in a technical swimsuit top. – screenshot

And what happens to men?

Is it thanks to the spectacular return of the bouffant panoply to the top of the hype, but the bathing suit, so beloved by Patrick Chirac, the protagonist of the camping, interpreted by Frank Dubosc, its letters of nobility and all the brands meet or almost them Introducing ?this year. However, Vanessa Cause moderates this notion. “It is a proposition that is evolving and that is very visible because it is interesting to see in stores and in fashion magazines. However, these are pieces that still sell very little and are aimed at a segment of the population that is very observant of fashion. ,

Stylist Marc Jacobs is clearly at the forefront of trends with his red swim briefs adorned with gold buckles. – screenshot

Most men continue to buy the more classic blue or black boxer shorts. On the other hand, experts note the appearance of new patterns such as lace-type patterns in Louisa Braque. “This is the first time we’ve seen such a motion in humans,” she says. With regard to colors, pale blue, very pale yellow have a timid appearance. But dark shades are still the most popular. ,

swimwear market statistics

The swimwear market represents a turnover of €315.5 million.

Between 2021 and 2022, sales of women’s swimwear in France are expected to increase by 13.1% to approximately 232 million euros. Sales of men’s swimwear increased by 25.4% in France to an estimated market of 83.5 million euros.

Swimwear represents 1.6% of spending on women’s clothing with an average basket of 100 euros.

With bikinis representing more than two-thirds of sales for female customers, including nearly 40% for bottoms, one-pieces continue to gain market share in the premium segment every year.

The figures are derived from data from the Salon International de Lingerie, Curve Paris, which takes place in Paris from July 2 to 4.

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