Sun, an Apulian Amelie and the anxieties of life – Cinema

(ANSA) – ROME, OCTOBER 03 – Anxiety and fear of living, something that belongs to everyone, but especially to Sole Santoro (the good Federica Torchetti), between an Apulian Amelie and an Alice in the land of reality, which not only fails to do anything, but never knows how to say no. She is the protagonist of TO LAUNCH FROM THE STARS by Andrea Jublin, written by Alice Urciuolo and based on the novel of the same name by Chiara Parenti (published by Garzanti), on Netflix from 5 October.

Now Sole, a girl of almost twenty-five, born and raised in Puglia, in Conversano, wants her redemption, but it is not easy to change your life when you are afraid of everything, that is water, cycling, flying by plane, hang out with guys, pierce your ears and find work (and this is to make a minimal list).

The only one able to understand and help her has always been Emma, ​​her best friend, but now she is gone. It was she who wrote the letter that Sole was able to read only a few days before she turned twenty-five, a letter in which she not only urged her to have an impulse of recklessness, but also indicated a method: to draw up a list of small and great fears that paralyze her and then face them one by one. Luckily, to spur her on now there will be the exuberant Miriam (Celeste Savino), a ‘Julia Roberts’ in Apulian sauce, a girl who is not without problems, but who she knows how to deal with them.

“Sole – explains the director – lives in a beautiful place, in his golden cage and it is strange to want to escape from such a place, but he is a person of exasperated fragility who has no strategy for dealing with things”. What discomfort does he have? “It’s something very common, I know many of my peers who have suffered from it – says screenwriter Alice Urciuolo -. The scientific name is generalized anxiety disorder. But it must be said – he continues – that Sole is really the bravest of all. , because he manages to face his deepest fears and face them “. (HANDLE).