Sunday, the Anticyclone returns, but there will still be some pitfalls, let’s see the forecast in detail »

Weather: Sunday, the Anticyclone returns, but there will still be some pitfalls, let’s see the forecast in detail

Sunny Sunday, but with some pitfallsThe first Sunday October will see the return high pressure which, however, will still have to deal with some pitfall.

It therefore seems evident that this phase of purely unstable and autumnal weather has reached its epilogue. Really a long parenthesis marked by the passage of some Atlantic perturbations that have caused not a few inconveniences due to the numerous showers, thunderstorms and storms which have affected many areas of our country. But to the aid of lovers of good weather, here it is approaching with great strides from the west the Azores anticyclone that already during the day of celebration will firmly show its serious intentions to bring back to our country scenarios that are very different from these last days.

There will, however, be some pitfalls high pressure will have to deal with. We are referring to weak and residual infiltrations of humid air rising from the Tyrrhenian Sea that will disturb the respective regions a bit and some boredom on the Alpine borders due to a cyclonic vortex that from northern Europe will move eastwards, lapping precisely the mountains of the North. .

In summary, the Sunday will spend at the sign of the peaceful atmosphere for everyone with mostly cloudy skies over most of the country and in a climate that is gradually milder and more pleasant.
However, the areas of the middle and upper Tyrrhenian will be an exception, from Liguria to Tuscany and part of Laziowhere they will often be present throughout the day irregular clouds, but which are unlikely to give rise to significant phenomena. On the other hand, some rain is expected on the border alpine reliefs but in the phase of attenuation by the end of the day.

An eye also to the temperatures which will be able to gain some important points especially in the areas where there will be the greatest amount of sunshine. Here the mercury columns will certainly not struggle to overcome the threshold of 20 ° C.

Before leaving, we also point out that between late night and the first light of day, dense mists or even local fog banks on some stretches of the Po Valley and in the inner areas of the Center cannot be excluded. In fact, in these hours, the high humidity and very cool temperatures will be excellent ingredients for the development of these many feared phenomena.

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