Super renewal Milenkovic, Nazione: last minute heavy attempt by PSG, rejected

Nikola Milenkovic has been linked to Fiorentina for 5 years for over 3 million. Heavy last-minute attempt by PSG, rejected by the club and the player

The numbers speak for themselves: renewal until 2027, 3 million per season more signing bonuses. Milenkovic binds to Fiorentina almost for lifebetween smiles and emotions, he emphasizes The nation.

The possibility of playing in a great team is important, but it is equally significant to be able to receive guarantees in such an important season as the one that will be interrupted by the world championship in Qatar in November. In a football where the level of belonging is an optional among the players, Milenkovic also made a choice of affection, given the great bond he has with Florence.

PSG. Many other roads had opened for the 1997 purple class, and all led to the Champions League. Fiorentina and the prosecutor Ramadani also received offers from Spain (Atletico Madrid) and from England (Tottenham). With a last minute surprise: PSG came forward heavily, with an offer that was deemed out of time by both parties, already in the landing phase on the purple renewal. In Italy the hottest track was that ofInter, which, however, would have had to sell Skriniar to present himself with the right offer (between 15 and 20 million).

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