Super Saffira releases “Lightning and Thunder” video with production worthy of international pop diva

From an impactful message to scenes of dancing in the rain like a singing ninja, this is the Hollywood-worthy production that Super Saffira prepared for the 7-minute clip of the recently released “Lightning and Thunder”. The video, which represents the essence of the artist’s Pop diva and the name of the song, arrives on Youtube this Monday (15), proving that the singer is one of the great revelations of Brazilian music.

Directed by Pedro Vieira Xavier (Little Hellp) and with photography direction by João Khury, production 3Planetas, stylist Raphael Yudi, makeup Amanda Alencar, laser by Breno Brasil and dancers Warteiro and Johnny Baroli, the video was recorded without an initial script , but with joint ideas that were emerging throughout the recording, it became a true film production.

“We believe that nature wants to tell a story, and if we are detached and with attentive and open ears, we can hear it”, reveals the artist.

“Our works are produced with a new way of creating, where spontaneity counts more than following a script. When I say that we didn’t have a script, people don’t believe me. We just had a few ideas… things were unfolding. The very idea of ​​a ninja came out of the swords that were borrowed a few hours before the clip,” explains Super Saffira.

“We believe that nature wants to tell a story, and if we are detached and with attentive and open ears, we can listen to it and with that create something totally new, without reference and limitation”, he adds.

This is the third release of Super Saffira’s career.

Inspired by The Weekend and the iconic “ET” by Katy Perry, the song, produced by Arthur Joly – responsible for great productions with Elza Soares and the theme song for Big Brother Brasil, with Paulo Ricardo -, talks about the power that love have to transform us. “It is in the Now, in a single instant, that the revelation happens, that the colors are highlighted and the world gets brighter”, explains the singer, who is also the composer of the single with her partner Little Hellp.

This is the third release of Super Saffira’s career, which debuted by delivering absolutely “Everything” in the first single and brought the energy of rebirth in the second song, “Pescador de Luas”.

Creativity, innovation and inclusion


More than singing, Super Saffira has barely debuted and is already a few steps away from revolutionizing the music market with its creative and innovative ideas. In her first release, the artist bet on a Game-Lyric to help people memorize the lyrics of the song. The Game won an in-person championship in São Paulo that gave a gift to a teenager from the countryside of Goiás. “By winning the tournament, he revealed that he didn’t even have a television. Immediately one of the Show’s guests went home and got a giant TV. The game programmer was moved and gave 1 year of programming course. Today, he is already programming games and almost ready to join the Saffira team. Very exciting”, recalls the artist.

In “Pescador de Luas”, the singer used Brazilian sign language (Libras) to make the message of her music accessible to the hearing impaired. “Bixo Inglês”, the singer’s latest release, was made for Carnival, with the aim of demystifying what Bixo Inglês is, an archetype created by Saffira to talk about the Ego. In this song, the artist brought all her experience in dance, more than 13 years in ballet and jazz, for an engaging and contagious choreography.

Willing to surprise, Super Saffira prepares new releases for this year, bringing a more Pop Rock footprint, including an album, and many shows.

To watch the video for “Lightning and Thunder”, Click here.


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