Superbonus: Deloitte calls for anti-fraud videos, technical protest – Politics

A video of about 2 minutes made by the sworn technician, on behalf of his client, to quickly illustrate the intervention carried out. This is the request made by the company Deloitte against superbonus fraud. Which, however, aroused protests from technicians, architects and engineers. The company explains that the video is part of the safeguards introduced “following Circular no. 23 of 23 June 2022 and in application of the indications contained in the UIF communications” and that “they are aimed at strengthening anti-fraud controls to protect the treasury. , of companies, clients, professionals and transferees, in order to ensure the safest verification and faster monetization of incentives “. Deloitte underlines that it is “known that the Revenue Agency is carrying out a high percentage of checks (from 60% to 80% of the communications sent); therefore, it is evident that a short video explaining the intervention by the certified technician can only facilitate verifications by the Agency itself “and that it is an initiative” that can be totally registered among those first of all for the protection of the tax authorities and therefore of the community “.