Superbonus, how does it change? From 110% to 80% (or even less), that’s what the new government is aiming for

One thing is certain: even if it were to be renewed, it will no longer be “super“. At least not in the current size of the 110%. On 31 December, the super bonus for energy efficiency or seismic upgrading of single-family homes will cease to exist. This was already expected. Instead, it will remain until the end of 2023 for condominium works. The outgoing premier, Dragons, he had already said that he would not extend it, given the cost to the state coffers of the measure and also given the scams it brought with it. What will the new center-right-led government do now Brothers of Italy? Obviously we will have to wait for the new prime minister to be appointed and the ministers to be appointed to have some more certainty. But from some indiscretions and declarations by authoritative exponents of this majority, there are already some hypotheses. Let’s see them.

A little less super

It is unlikely that the facility will be abolished completely in one fell swoop: the repercussions for the construction sector, which raised its head after the Covid cirsi precisely with the superbonus, would be enormous. However, there is talk of a reduction in the discount. From 110% it could go to 80% or even less. And it may no longer be granted to everyone in the same way, but with different rates depending on whether the property to be restored is a first or second home and depending on the income. The super bonus – Antonio Tajani, coordinator of Forza Italia recently said, “was an exceptional measure, right, now we must continue to support the growth of the industrial sector, we must continue the action to support construction”. According to Tajani “we can work on reducing the Superbonus from 110% to 80%”.

Reduced facilitation but longer times

One of the enormous problems of the 110% superbonus that is taking away the sleep of many construction companies and also many owners of client properties, is linked to the deadlines to be met in order not to lose the subsidy. Tight deadlines, considering the requests and the long impasse (still not definitively resolved) of the credit assignment. For example, the deadline (30 September 2022) has just expired for completely 30% of the planned works. And now there will be the cleaver on December 31st. The new superbonus should overcome all this: in fact, it is planned to make it structural or at least long-lasting, 20-30 years. In this context, the reduction of the discount with the subsidized rate falls from 110% to 80%, as Tajani said. Sources of Fratelli d’Italia show that it could be even lower: 60-70%. It is diversified according to the income of the beneficiary or the type of property: higher for the first home (not luxury), lower for the second.

Construction sites open

What will happen to those who, despite having passed the trap of 30% of the work done by 30 September last, will not be able to complete the work by the end of the year? In these cases, extensions could arrive. Sources of the new majority assure: open situations will be protected, so as not to jeopardize families and businesses already committed. However, until everything is written in black and white and approved, it is good to try to speed up the closure of the works as much as possible.

Since when

The 110% revision could find space in the next maneuver, which this year – due to the appointment to the new government – will hardly meet the deadline of 20 October for presentation in Parliament. In any case, the new measures relating to building bonuses can always enter into maneuver as amendments during the parliamentary process before final approval by 31 December. So by the new year the picture will have been clarified.


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