Superbonus, works for 40 billion compared to the 33 allocated (43 to be paid by the State) –

Investments admitted to the Superbonus 110% deduction continue to grow: at 31 July the total result of 39.75 billion (compared to 35.2 billion in June) with deductions to be paid by the State for 43.72 billion at the end of the works ( from 38.7 billion in the previous month). what emerges from the updated tables of ENEA comparing them with those of the previous month.

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To take advantage of the measure were 33,318 condominiums for a total investment of 19.38 billion euro and a total of 12.92 billion euro in condominium works, or 66.7%. With regard to single-family buildings, there are 121,925 sworn translations for a total investment of 13.72 billion and a total of works carried out equal to 10.07 billion, ie 73.4% of the total. Finally, 68,703 sworn statements concern functionally independent real estate units for a total investment of 6.63 billion and 5.16 billion of completed works, equal to 77.8%. Overall, the average investment was € 581.7 thousand for condominiums, € 112.5 thousand for single-family buildings and € 96.6 thousand for functionally independent real estate units.

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