Supermarket, the (illegal) move on the do-it-yourself slingbar to pay less at the checkout

Although prices at the supermarket have increased dramatically, this does not justify any type of crime within them, scams and tricks to be able to pay less. Unfortunately, this still happens, especially in the fruit and vegetable department. Here is what is the most used move by consumers.

Fruit sling bar –

The costs of living, as we know, have risen dramatically for several reasons (inflation, war in Ukraine, increase in the prices of raw materials), but this it will never justify any illegal act done by anyone.

This also applies to those who, believing themselves smart, tries to scam the supermarkets with various tricks, which allow you to get to the cashier and pay less. Too bad they are illegal. Here’s what they are.

The move that cheats at the supermarket: that’s what it is

One of most common supermarket scams is the use of the do-it-yourself scale in the fruit garden department, which all customers use to weigh the chosen products.

Weigh the fruit in the supermarket
Weigh fruit in the supermarket –

To do it, you use bags that are filled with fruit or vegetables, you go to the scale where you have to enter the number that reports to the product. By doing so, a barcode will be issued to be affixed to the envelope, with the relative price.

Some people have come up with a trick, used often but just as often discovered at the cashier. Some customers, in fact, they leave the bag open, weighing and then adding more fruit after they have affixed the barcode.

That way, they would pay less for a larger amount of products. The problem is that most of the checkouts in supermarkets, under the roller, have scales that serve to prove that the weight and price of these products is true.

Scale in the supermarket
Scale at the supermarket –

Then there is who try to cheat by holding the bag up a little: in that case, however, the scale will not transmit the barcode, as it will not have weighed the bag with the fruit or vegetables well.

The code scam: what happens at the checkout?

Another method, which is not legal, is to enter a code other than that of the chosen product. Obviously, you choose a cheaper product and thus commit a scam.

Of course, even this “trick” is not really effective, as most of the sachets used for fruit and vegetables are transparent. Any careful cashier or cashier will notice that there is something different inside than the barcode affixed to the envelope and will make the customer look bad.

Also using too many food stamps becomes a scam at the supermarket: in fact, by law a maximum of 8 meal vouchers must be used per day, because they replace a canteen service. If you try to use more of them to do the shopping, they could be rejected, even suspended to the employee who obtained them.

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