Supervision of Britney Spears assets. The singer’s lawyer asked to remove her father from guardianship

A newly hired lawyer Britney Spears asked a California court on Monday to remove her father from overseeing the assets of the American song star, which he had exercised for 13 years.

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Attorney Mathew Rosengart filed an application with a higher court in Los Angeles. He applied to replace his father, Jamie Spears, with Chartered Accountant Jason Rubin of Certified Strategies Inc. in Woodland Hills, California. He argued that his candidate is a qualified professional trustee.

The solicitor’s application also includes a request to dismiss, inter alia, such arrangements so far as the right to make health care decisions on behalf of the singer. Proposes to authorize Rubin for approved activities related to performance, recording, movies, TV shows, etc.

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As requested Spears’ fortune is estimated at over $ 2.7 million in cash assets and $ 56 million in non-cash assets.

The singer announced that she would bring an indictment against her father last month. She called his actions an abuse.

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– If it’s not an abuse, I don’t know what is. (…) I thought they were trying to kill me – said Spears quoted by CNN.

Submission of documents coincided on Monday with another Los Angeles High Court hearing in the Spears probation case. It has been discussed whether the personally custody of singer Jodi Montgomery should receive additional security in view of the alleged death threats she has received.

Judge Brenda Penny has ordered Montgomery to remain in office until October 8. It also approved the resignation of Bessemer Trust, a financial firm that was to assume joint supervision of Spears’ assets, but filed a resignation earlier this month.

As reported by CNN The parties’ lawyers asked for more time to negotiate a spending limit on additional collateral for Montgomery. Attorney Vivian Lee Thoreen said Jamie Spears had approved the release of up to $ 50,000. dollars a month to protect Montgomery if his daughter agrees, despite his initial objections.

The next Spears hearing is scheduled for September 29.

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