Support for grid construction instead of RES support? The idea of ​​the President of the ERO

In October 2021, on the initiative of the President of the Energy Regulatory Office, the work of a special team was started to develop the “Charter for the effective transformation of the Polish energy distribution networks”, i.e. the Social Agreement of the Sector Regulatory and Distribution Industry.

“We have engaged in this project organizations associating electricity distributors – both the five largest and the small ones, PSE, experts, and the government side – ministries: climate and environment, state assets, development and technology, funds and regional policy, as well as the government plenipotentiary for strategic energy infrastructure “- President of the Energy Regulatory Office Rafał Gawin told PAP.

One of the areas the team is working on is the structure of financing the transformation of distribution networks. As Rafał Gawin noted, today there are many systems and sources of support for RES generation sources. Meanwhile – as he assessed – with current energy prices, production is managing on its own, and investments in renewable sources are largely able to finance themselves on the market.

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