Surman and Racelia IAP Millennium Group

through the campaignI care about you, I’m here, I listen to you’Grupo Surman, in conjunction with the Resilia IAP Institute, will organize a series of conferences and workshops to create collective awareness of mental health in Comarca Lagunera.

According to Laura López Wiley, director of the Resilia IAP Institute, explained that the said example seeks Create a collective conscience in the community through emotional educationIn a climate of mental health crisis that affects not only children and youth, but the population in general.

“The campaign is supported by Grupo Surman, a leading company in the automotive sector, who has joined the initiative to help promote mental health in our community,” he explained.

Joins the “I Care for You, I’m Here, I’m Listening” Campaign world suicide prevention day (DMPS) is supported by WHO with the motto “Create hope through action” Celebrated annually on 10 September, The “I Care for You, I’m Here, I Hear You” campaign is an initiative that seeks to sensitize people about the importance of mental and emotional health, overcoming adversity and strengthening together highlights the role of community unity in community through education

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that depression is the second leading cause of disability worldwide and is expected to become the first by 2030. Besides, Depression is the leading cause of illness and disability among youth aged 10 to 19 And 50% people don’t recognize depression, so they don’t go for counseling. According to INEGI, in Mexico, suicide is the fourth cause of death among the population between the ages of 15 and 29; While Social Security indicates that for every completed suicide, there are 20 attempts to achieve it.

“I Care for You, I’m Here, I Listen to You”, has several objectives: “Increasing awareness and informing the community about the importance of emotional intelligence and resilience as a tool for mental health. Providing emotional intelligence and resilience tools to prevent behavioral self-harm and suicide raises awareness of the importance of healing the mental health of populations and developing a collective conscience as a basis for repair,” explained López Wiley.

The director of the Resilia IAP Institute added in a press conference that released details of the campaign: “Each one of us is an instrument of change, and by creating a collective consciousness in the community, all running in the same direction, we will emerge out of this crisis and we will be a society with more emotionally healthy children, youth and adults.” We will become; a society in which we support each other.”

Workshops and Conferences

To achieve these campaign objectives, four main actions have been established: Conference cycle: “Your life is important to me, how to save someone from suicide” May 31 and June 10 and Workshop: Prevention, Intervention, Post-vention in Suicide Cases, delivered by Jessica Wolf. Psychologist and teacher.

Suicide specialist The practical approach to the Suicidal and Self-Harm Behavior Diploma will also be carried out on 2 June. Spanish Institute of Resilience, which will begin on June 12 and run through October 10, 2023. And through Diffusion Network, children and adolescents will be interviewed on: “I care about you, I’m here, I hear you.”

For more details, please contact: Email: [email protected], WhatsApp: 8713997369; On website:, Instagram: instituto_resilia_iap; Facebook: Resilia Institute IAP


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