Surprise from TVP for fans. The whole weekend of jumping is coming up!

From this season, Polish Television can broadcast only those competitions that are held in our country. All because of the broadcasting rights she acquired from the Polish Ski Association. At the beginning of December, TVP broadcast the competition in Wisła, and in the coming weekend it will broadcast the competition in Zakopane.

In order to provide the fans of ski jumping with as much emotions as possible, Telewizja Polska decided to make a surprise.

Already Friday’s training will be shown on the TVP Sport channel. On the same day, only a few hours later, the qualifications will start, which will be broadcast on TVP 1. This is a novelty, because so far training has been rarely broadcast, and the qualifications most often appeared on TVP Sport, not on TVP 1.

According to tradition, fans will be able to watch the main competition on TVP 1 on Saturday and Sunday.

The broadcast schedule of the World Cup in Zakopane on TVP:

  • January 14 (Friday) at 15.30 – training (TVP Sport)
  • January 14 (Friday) at 18.00 – qualifications (TVP 1)
  • January 15 (Saturday), 16.00 – team competition (TVP 1)
  • January 16 (Sunday), 16.00 – individual competition (TVP 1)

In this way, TVP chiefs hope to attract more viewers in front of the screens. Recently, the Virtual Media portal informed that the 70th edition of the Four Hills Tournament on TVN and Eurosport was watched by an average of 2.91 million viewers. Compared to last year, this is a decrease by 3.22 million viewers.

Marek Szkolnikowski, director of TVP Sport, commented on these results briefly. “Not only TCS. From the beginning of the season there are 40% less viewers. The erosion continues. Sports results are one thing, but it has a real impact on sponsorship contracts. Besides, showing great events is a know-how that TVN is still learning. The viewers are today. very demanding “- he wrote on Twitter.

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