surprise!Funes Mori leaves Monterrey to set up new club in Mexico for 2024 spring league


Surprised at monterey. Rogelio Funes Mori Have decided to leave striped and play cougar Facing Clausura in 2024. The Argentinian-Mexican striker is finalizing the details of his new destination.

MX League Signings: Chicharito Hernández’s bombshell, Americas announces reinforcements, Costa Rica arrives in Mexico

reporter Willy Gonzalez It was confirmed that the “Twins” have informed the “Gang” board that he will not participate in pre-season games as his intention is to go to the varsity team.

Senfunes will arrive in Cougar, whose mission is to fill “Toro” Fernandez (Blue Cross) and di Nanno (Brazil International).However, ownership is not guaranteed Rogerbecause he will be Guillermo Martinez.

According to journalists, the footballer left “by his own decision” and will travel to Mexico City today to sign a contract with the Cats. “All parties agree,” he said. Gonzalez.

technician Fernando Ortiz Already explained Roger Have considered continuing monterey Because he has a contract, but he clarified that if he leaves the club, it will be a decision by the board of directors.

“Rogelio has a contract and he is taken into consideration, not only Rogelio but also several players. Everything around it is managed by the board and today I have this team and for sure some will leave, others It’s here to stay,” he said.

despite this, Senfunes He has decided to continue his career in the Mexican League, but now cougar directed by argentina Gustavo Alberto Lema after leaving Antonio Muhammad.

The attacker stayed with the gang for nine years and became an icon there.was founded in bedhe passed through European clubs such as benfica and Eskisehir Sports Turkish until arriving in Mexico in 2015.

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