Survey finds 1 in 8 men brings condom to funeral

1 in 8 men under 35 brought a condom to a funeral

Photo: Pixabay – Men bring condoms to funerals

A survey made by brand condoms Trojan produced a surprising result: one in eight men took condoms Even then Funeral “might need”.

However, it’s always a good idea to have condoms on hand. Some people find protection in the saddest of circumstances.

in addition to carrying condoms Even then FuneralThe survey The survey of 2,000 American adults between the ages of 18 and 35 revealed some encouraging data.

For example, and according to the portal Mashable77 percent of those interviewed believe that both women and men should be equally responsible when protecting themselves during sexual relations.

1 in 8 men under 35 brought a condom to a funeral

Photo: Trojan – The survey was conducted by Trojan Brands

Whereas, 68 percent of men prefer to use condoms And don’t force your partner to take contraception, while 52 percent of them would prefer their partner used a condom before using the pill.

Trojan reveals encouraging statistics

Survey “state of sex” Of Trojan Found that 65 percent of those surveyed provide security First meeting.

and a vast majority of men (63 percent) say they are more likely to ask their prospect couple sexual About safety when both of you are in bed.

91 percent of those surveyed admitted that they use condoms to prevent pregnancy, but most sexually transmitted infection (STI).

1 in 8 men under 35 brought a condom to a funeral

Photo: Trojan – The survey revealed some encouraging statistics

Another result showed that half of the interviewees have condoms On your “nightstand”.

in that sense, 57 percent women He admitted that he keeps condoms in the bureau next to his bed, whereas men do so in their wallets.

eventually survey reported that two-thirds men under 35 is always one condoms Close at hand, either with them or in the car.

for his part, only 49 percent women in the same age range, they take condoms,


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