Surveys, Fratelli d’Italia does not stop anymore: it breaks through 28%. The Meloni government starts from a confidence of 42% (like Count 2)

The drag and drop effect still works one month after elections policies. The victory of Brothers of Italy and of Giorgia Meloni becomes a triumph in the weekly poll of Swg for the TgLa7 which falls in the week of formation and the swearing in of the new government. According to the Trieste institute Fdi it also broke through 28 per cent, with a jump of almost one point in the last week. I’m chasing Pd And M5sseparated by a few decimals: the Democrats are confirmed at 17 percent, while i 5 Stars drop slightly to 16.4. The situation of the League at 8.6, while the centrist pole earns something Action-Italia Viva (8.4, +0.3). On the other hand, the most significant decline is recorded Force Italy: in the days of performances and the protagonism of Silvio Berlusconi the party suffers (as can happen to those who undermine the unity of a side, especially if they are winning), the Azzurri drop from 7.5 to 6.2. The other parties represented in Parliament (the alliance Left-Verdi it stops at 4.1 e + Europe to 3.1 a slight decrease), as well as the political forces remained out as Italexit And Union Popular.

Swg also estimated the confidence of the departure Meloni government which is relatively low, but in line with almost all very “partisan” governments: Prime Minister Meloni starts from a 42 percent approval rating, for another figure identical to the Count 2, which was a markedly center-left executive, for some even the most left-wing. It is worth pointing out that the highest trust shares have always been reserved for the government “of national salvation“Or” broad understandings ” (Monti 71, Dragons 65, Read 62). The exception, for a political governmentis that of Count 1, which as known was based on a majority made up of M5s and Lega. In that case, the confidence rate was at least largely supported by the broad electoral consensus of the two political forces. The lowest share of confidence was instead that of government Gentiloniborn after the defeat of Matteo Renzi in the referendum constitutional.

Finally, SWG asked the sample of interviewees what the element of instability of the newly born government could be. Predictably the most popular answer fell on Silvio Berlusconi (49 percent among all respondents, rising to 58 among center-right voters), although one in 5 also cited Matteo Salvini.

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