Survival Movies. Find out how to handle ashore, in the water and in the style of Megan Fox

The survival theme on the screen can inspire you to change. A hero who emerges victorious from a difficult situation passes on to viewers some of his superpowers. A session that ends with a happy end also provides a feeling of a well-fulfilled mission even from the couch. Are you looking for a title that will give you an emotional rollercoaster? Check out the titles below.

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Movies about survival at sea – the power of nature

It can be said that this is an old-world theme that is very popular with viewers. This is because the sea survival movies combine a holiday atmosphere, but also horror. We like to forget about technology and plunge into the great blue. Paradoxically, the feeling that there is more power over us can bring peace. Below are some suggestions for the evening screening.

  • Survival Movies – ” Oceans of Fear ” (” Open Water ”) 2004

History steam left in open water by a dive boat. A scenic vacation quickly turns into a nightmare, and things get even worse when sharks gather around young people. A dynamic storyline and beautiful photos are the strong points of this title.

  • Survival Movies – ” Ocean of Fear II ” (” Open Water 2: Adrift ”) 2006

This time the plot revolves around a group of friends who set sail on a yacht into the open waters. It quickly turns out that only those who stay on the boat can survive. Holiday relaxation turns into a fight for survival, the situation is even more dramatic when it turns out that a child has been left alone on board. How will this story end?

  • Survival Movie – ” Adrift ” 2018

A warm feeling and passion for sailing makes two young people take up a dangerous challenge – transporting a large yacht across the ocean. After a hurricane and a series of storms, the romance turns into a film about survival, will a pair of lovers emerge victorious from this trial?

Movie – desert island. Are we alone here?

After drifting in open waters, it’s time to move to the mainland. A film with a desert island as scenery is a chance adventure even in the comfort of your own lounge in the middle of the week.

  • ” Swiss Army Man ” 2016

A very strong and comic vision of a desert island. ” Swiss Army Man tells story a man who, while trying to get out of a desert island, befriends a dead man. Only for viewers with a great sense of humor and strong nerves, the images in this film are truly surreal.

  • The series desert island – ” Dzicz ” (” The Wild ”), 2020

Among the films about survival, the new series “Dzicz” deserves attention. After a plane crash, a group of teenage girls ends up on a deserted island. Their situation is not perfect, but what they have left behind is not at all optimistic. It quickly turns out that the teenagers were not here by accident.

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Survival film – the best suggestions

Difficult conditions and a dangerous opponent are the leitmotif of many productions. Survival can have different dimensions, the following survival movie suggestions teach you how to defeat the beast and your husband’s family.

  • Survival movie – ” Crocodile ” (” Crawl ”) 2019

Despite an evacuation order, the young woman and her father are unable to leave the house due to severe storms. In addition to the power of nature, a real beast also enters the house. A giant crocodile lurks in its own environment.

  • Survival film – “ Fun in buried ” (“ Ready or not ”) 2019.

The story that entering a new family has many consequences. The tradition of a certain wealthy caste may cost a newly minted spouse her life. How to find a safe shelter in the maze of corridors and will the protagonist be able to count on her husband’s helping hand?

  • Survival film – ” Until death ” (” Till Deatf ”) 2021

The great comeback of Megan Fox, who plays the role of Emma – an unhappy married woman. After a romantic evening by the lake, Emma wakes up, handcuffed to her dead husband. The woman will have to shake off her shock quickly because of the deadly threat that will come from outside, although the real enemy may be much closer.

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