Suspended ATM: this is what could happen throughout Italy

Lately, there has been a lot of concern about the phenomenon of suspended or non-functioning ATMs. But how come? Let’s explore it together in the article.

The fear of not being able to withdraw

Despite experiencing a historical phase of progressive abandonment of cash, it is undeniable that having the possibility to withdraw a reasonable amount of cash at any time is very convenient for everyone. Nobody wants to find their ATMs out of order at any moment without warning.

Unfortunately, sometimes during the night it can happen that there are malfunctions at the counters. You might think they are hacker attacks, but in reality it is often simple supply chain upgrades that generate these deadlocks. It should also be considered that the transition to digital carries this kind of overload risk. For example, in the case of a general update of the computer systems, a block of withdrawals will be inevitable and this will certainly be annoying for some users to say the least.

In a certain sense, therefore, this kind of inefficiency aims at providing an increasingly better service to the customer in the long term: in short, not all evils come to harm. Furthermore, the State is now increasingly discouraging the use of cash also by reducing bank branches and the provision of various state bonuses that can only be used digitally.

We are therefore not at the gates of a catastrophe, but it is true that this type of disservice is increasingly frequent also due to the massive adoption of digital payments that often put a strain on the capacity of the servers used. What we recommend is to avoid, if possible, banking operations late at night, because these are often the times chosen for maintenance or expansion of the network; and it is precisely on these occasions that the inefficiencies will be felt more frequently.

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