Suv overwhelms a parade of Native Americans in New Mexico-

from Chiara Barison

Several were injured, including two policemen. People gathered in the city of Gallup for the Intertribal Ceremonial Centennial Celebration. Stop two people

A Native American parade was in progress when an SUV crashed into the crowd. happened in the small town of Gallup, New Mexico, which has just over 20 thousand inhabitants. People were gathered on the occasion of the 100th edition of theIntertribal Ceremonial Centennial Celebration, the annual festival commemorating the heritage of Native Americans and indigenous people.

The exact number of injuries is not yet known, but the authorities have announced that among the there are also two policemen involved. Videos recorded with mobile phones show a big beige SUV speeding in the wrong direction on the main road and overwhelm several people.

The first to see the vehicle and raise the alarm were the children who were performing traditional dances. The SUV then turned into a side street before stopping in a parking lot and try to get out by hitting a police car. The police managed to stop the race pulling at least two people out of the car.

Local police chief Mark Soriano stated that there would be no casualties among the people involved in the accident. On Twitter announced that the person in custody is in prison awaiting further developments in the investigation.

August 5, 2022 (change August 5, 2022 | 15:10)

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