Suzy Cortez’s Instagram Account Disappears. What Happened?

The Instagram account of the Brazilian model Suzy Cortez has unexpectedly disappeared and her fans are concerned

Brazil.- On the afternoon of December 30, the Instagram account of the Brazilian model Suzy Cortez has unexpectedly disappeared, leaving her fans very worried about what happened, since they already miss those photos and videos that have made them go crazy for long enough.

A few hours ago the account of the beautiful and beloved influencer was still active on said photo and video platform and unexpectedly it disappears and sends a message to everyone who looks for it that read: “This page is not available”, so many are wondering what happened.

It turns out that what may have affected Suzy’s reputation and stay on social media is her racy content, although many love this type of content, there are many people who were upset that her account was handled that way, it seemed too explicit to them.

So there are several reasons why the account of this beautiful model could have disappeared, been deleted, blocked, and canceled by the most famous platform in the world. One of these could be the strong content is shared, as it left little to the imagination.

While the other option could be due to the fact that the model would have received many complaints about the content so risque that it rose from all those people who did not like all this a bit.

And the third, probably the last, would be that Suzy Cortez has decided to delete her account on Instagram to take time on social networks. It is worth mentioning that it is not necessary to completely or forever disappear your profile on the platform, as you could have canceled it for a few days.

As is known, Instagram has the strictest rules and regulations to avoid problems with the Internet, so the content that its millions of users upload is analyzed by a special program and when any type of anomaly is found that does not comply with what is allowed. it is immediately removed, in turn sending a notification to the user so that they understand the reason why their publication or content has been removed.

So far no one has come out to speak on the subject, not his representative, friends, or fan accounts. Even the account that was managed to promote its exclusive content on other platforms has also been removed from the platform, which generates even more controversy.

It will only be a matter of time to know if the beautiful model will reappear and resume her activities, as well as explaining to her fans what happened because she likes to keep her fans informed about all her movements.

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