Sweden. A ship burns near Gothenburg. 17 seamen, headed by a captain, do not want to leave the deck | World news

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Why do we insist on shipping goods by ship?

The services were alerted to a fire on a cargo ship near the town of Vinga on Saturday 4 December at 2:36 PM. According to the officers, the flame is difficult to extinguish because it consumes the wood loaded with the bulk carrier. “Work continues,” Valdemar Lindekrantz of the Coast Guard told Expressen reporters more than 13 hours after the alert.

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Sweden. Fire on a ship near Gothenburg. Rescue operations are still ongoing

On Saturday night, the officers continued to fight the element. In the morning of December 5, they used four tugboats for the operation. Using three, the firefighters extinguished the fire, and thanks to one they ensured the correct position of Almirante Storni in relation to the wind. A police helicopter helped document the spread and direction of the fire. At around 3 o’clock, the fire was limited to the hold. There is also the 81-meter Coast Guard vessel KBV 001 Poseidon and a sea rescue boat on site.

– Ship is fully loaded with sawn timber which is tightly packed. We have so far managed to contain the spread of fire, but we have difficulties extinguishing the most flammable parts of the cargo, said Coast Guard Chief of Staff Markus Erik Green. – It is too early to say anything other than that we have now managed to prevent the fire from spreading through the cargo. We must continue our efforts, added Valdemar Lindekrantz.

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17 seamen on board. The captain doesn’t want to leave the ship

Currently, parts of the cargo are on fire, not the ship itself. The captain of the Almirante Storni unit does not want to leave. Both the crew and the fuel tanks are positioned at the rear of the 177-meter-long bulk carrier while the fire rages ahead.

– It is the captain who decides about boarding. Those are the laws. He decides on board. We can’t do anything but explain what we think, ‘said Anders Lännholm, Rescue Manager at the Maritime and Aviation Rescue Center.

There are also many officers on board fighting the element. “The helicopters are ready if there is a need to evacuate the ship’s crew or firefighters,” Lindekrantz said.

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