Sweden. Beata Ratzman found dead 150 km from Malmö

The fact received information on Saturday evening that Beata Ratzman, who had disappeared near Malmö in Sweden, was found dead today near Svedala. According to our informant, it was Beata’s current husband who said where the police should look.

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Corpse of a woman found in Sweden

On Friday, police surrounded the area around Yddingesjön, some 150 km southeast of Malmö. The lake is located in the forested area of ​​the municipality of Svedala, it is about two square kilometers and only 3.5 meters deep.

On Saturday, police officers were carrying out lively work there with the support of forensic technicians and specially trained dogs. A large area was fenced and guarded even at night. There was also a temporary ban on flying over this area.

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