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A total of four gas leaks were discovered after the explosions of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipeline lines, according to the Swedish Coast Guard. Two of these four losses are in the Swedish economic zone. At the same time, seismologist Björn Lund does not rule out that a third detonation may have occurred. The Swedish newspapers report it.

The Swedish coast guard was unable to explain why the reporting of this new loss was delayed. But the two losses on the Swedish side are in the same zone, it was explained. “Distance is subjective, but they are close,” said Jenny Larsson, a coast guard officer. The authority was unable to confirm Swedish media reports that the new leak would concern the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Sweden had previously reported a leak on Nord Stream 1 north-east of Bornholm Island. . Denmark has confirmed the presence of one leak on Nord Stream 2 in the southeast of the island and another in the northeast on Nord Stream 1. The large leaks are causing substantial sea bubbles hundreds of meters above the surface, making for the moment it is impossible to inspect the structures.

The NATO also intervenes on the incident expressing “deep concern” and in a note also signed by Sweden and Finland, underlines that “All the information currently available indicates that it is the result of deliberate, reckless and irresponsible acts of sabotage”. NATO also warns that it is ready “to respond unitedly and with determination to any deliberate attack against the critical infrastructures of the allies”.

The price of gas falls again while EU decisions on the price cap are awaited. Meanwhile, the situation in Nord Stream worsens with the exchange of accusations between Moscow and the US on the causes of the four gas pipeline leaks. In Amsterdam, the price drops to 194 euros per megawatt hour, a drop of 6.4% compared to yesterday’s closing. Prices are also down in London where they stand at 280 pence per Mmbtu (-12.9%).

Nord Stream pipelines may never work again. It is the fear of Germany after both lines, 1 and 2, of the infrastructure linking Russia to Europe have been severely damaged by suspicious explosions off the Danish island of Bornholm, in the Baltic Sea, on whose nature they circulate different hypotheses: the hit of a submarine, of a marine drone or of TNT charges. In fact, no stationery still doubts that the leaks are not the result of an accident but of sabotage, and the rebound of responsibility has already begun. “It is stupid and absurd” to blame Russia, the Kremlin thundered. “Ridiculous” to assume it was the United States, the response of the White House.

Meanwhile, Moscow has opened an investigation into “international terrorism” and requested and obtained for Friday a meeting of the UN Security Council on the incident, while Sweden and Denmark were instructed to provide all the information regarding the members of the Council, given that the three leaks that have opened in the gas pipelines , releasing gas bubbles into the sea, there are two in the exclusive economic zone of Copenhagen, the other in that of Stockholm. The Danish energy agency said that more than half of the gas contained in the Nord Stream – full of gas although stopped since August – has already dispersed into the atmosphere and that the rest will escape by Sunday. Only when the gas in the pipe is finished will it be possible to go deeper to investigate, explained Danish Defense Minister Morten Bodskov, while in Amsterdam the TTFs mark a new rise of 11.3%, closing at 207 euros per megawatt hour. After the West had more or less covertly pointed its finger at Moscow, Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitri Peskov explained how the Nord Stream was full of “very expensive” and Russian-owned gas, and that if it hadn’t been for the damages suffered “the system would have been ready to pump it”. Instead “now this gas is dispersing into the air”.

For what purpose, Peskov argues, would Russia have inflicted such serious damage on its own? For Maria Zakharova, spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, it should rather be the American President Joe Biden to clarify the role of the US in what happened. The reference is to a statement by Biden himself dating back to February 7, before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, in which the head of the White House, at the end of a meeting with the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, warned: “If Russia crosses the Ukrainian border, there will no longer be a Nord Stream 2. We will put an end to it “. And when asked by a reporter about how the United States could have stopped a gas pipeline under the control of its German ally, Biden replied: “I assure you, we will be able to do that.” The video of this exchange has been circulating on social media since yesterday, Zakharova had to do is relaunch it on her Telegram channel, calling into question the American president: “He has a duty to say whether the US has implemented their threat” . “Ridiculous” was the response from the White House, brandishing the accusation as usual “Russian disinformation” and explaining that Biden’s words referred to the pressure exerted on Berlin to stop the start of Nord Stream 2, which actually happened. And now the German security services believe that both pipelines can remain unusable forever. According to government sources cited by Tagesspiegel, in fact, if they are not repaired immediately, the salt water could corrode the pipes.

In addition to launching its own “preliminary” proceedings for international terrorism, Moscow has also expressed its willingness to consider requests for a joint investigation by the European side, requests which, however, would not have been made by anyone at the moment. The Swedish 007s, for their part, have announced an investigation into “aggravated sabotage” against national security and interests, while Norway, Germany and the European Commission have raised the level of vigilance over their energy infrastructures.

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