Sweden. Woman accused of recruiting her 12-year-old son to fight in Syria

A Swedish citizen was accused on Tuesday of contributing to the recruitment of her 12-year-old son by the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS). The boy was a soldier in Syria in 2013-16, he died in the war at the age of 16.

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This is the first time in Sweden that the prosecutor’s office has charged a mother with a war crime of using her own child to fight on the IS side.

According to prosecutor Reeny Devgun “The teenager was equipped with weapons in Syria, trained, and then participated in IS combat missions.” The photos of the boy in the places of military operations, with terrorists and the dead are proof of that. The incriminating material is the record of conversations between relatives.

49-year-old woman pleads not guilty. She faces from four years in prison to life imprisonment. According to the newspaper “Expressen”, the defendant is Lina Ishaq, who as a 19-year-old played for a first-tier women’s football club. Then she moved to the United Arab Emirates, where her views were radicalized, and later to Great Britain.

In 2013, Ishaq left with her then husband and five children to Syria, where she joined IS. After the death of her husband, who died in the war, the woman married another man and gave birth to more children.

The IS supporter returned to Sweden in 2020. In September last year she was arrested on suspicion of committing war crimes.

A woman in Sweden was investigated for illegally receiving benefits from the public social security system while in another country, but the case was dismissed because her place of residence could not be established.

Since 2012, about 300 people have left Sweden to support IS, half of them have returned.

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