Sweet Tooth – the new Netflix series

Work on the next Netflix series will begin soon. This time we will see an adaptation of the DC comic called “Sweet Tooth”. Its producer was Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey.

For many people, the character of Robert Downey Jr. inextricably linked with the Marvel comics. However, the actor ended his adventure with Iron Man and he went in his direction. He will soon begin work on the set of the Netflix series based on Vertigo comics entitled “Sweet Tooth” at his side Susan Downey’s wife. What will the upcoming production tell about?

“Sweet Tooth” – Robert Downey Jr. producer of the series based on the DC comic

According to information provided by Netflix, we’ll see in some time serial adaptation of the comic “Sweet Tooth” in Poland issued under the title “Gourmand”. The production will tell about post-apocalyptic world inhabited by hybrids of humans and animals.

In a DC imprint comic called Vertigo we followed the fate a fawn boy named Gus who set out on an expedition with a purpose discovery of the cause of the epidemic changing the world beyond recognition. The series will tell a very similar story. Here’s how it looks like official description of “Sweet Tooth”.

“Sweet Tooth” is a family-oriented, family-oriented story about the adventures of Gus – half-deer, half-boy – who leaves his home in the woods and discovers that the world has been destroyed by a cataclysm. He joins a mixed family of people and their children, who are hybrids just like him, and learns a new reality and the mystery behind his unique origins.

The comic was created by Jeff Lemire and it appeared originally from 2009 to 2013 in 40 notebooks. In Poland, it is available in three volumes by publishing house Egmont Poland.

Sweet Tooth

Photo photo: promotional materials / Netflix

According to the announcement first season will consist of eight episodes. Each of them will last 60 minutes.

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“Sweet Tooth” – when is the premiere?

It has not yet been revealed when the series will go to Netflix’s database. The shooting date for “Sweet Tooth” was not given either. They will star in the roles Christian Convery (“My Beautiful Son”, “Tiger Rising”, “Playing With Fire”), Nonso Anozie (“Zoo”, “Dracula”, “Game of Thrones”), Adeel Akhtar (“Les Miseries” [serial], “The Queen’s Confidant”, “I love you anyway”) and Will Forte (“The Last Man on Earth”, “Saturday Night Live”) and James Brolin (“Scenes from Life”, “Pensacola Base”, “Hotel”) as the narrator.

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They became directors, executive producers and showrunners Jim Mickle (“Hap and Leonard”, “In the Shadow of the Moon”, “Chill in July”) and Beth Schwartz (“Arrow”, “Legends of Tomorrow”) z Warner Bros. Television Group. Robert Downey Jr., Susan Downey and Susan Downey will appear on the set as the other executive producers Amanda Burrell With Team Downey and Linda Moran. He will be responsible for the production Evan Moore from Team Downey in collaboration with the studio Warner Bros. Television.

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