Switch OLED – Youtuber tested the matrix for 1800 hours

Youtuber Wulff Den runs a related channel, incl. with games and consoles. What?? a time ago, he published a video in which he described an experiment with the OLED version of the Switch, which consisted in leaving the console turned on for 1800 hours. Youtuber wanted to see what the OLED matrix burnout looks like (which was one of the main concerns of consumers about the premiere of the new model).

What is matrix burnout?

Burnout of the matrix can be observed after a long time of displaying the same, constant image. It results in leaving in a place where for a long time there was some ?? object, traces, shadows or ?? grays that stand out through other colors.

Wulff Den ran the stress test using a screenshot from the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and by setting the maximum brightness of the display. Initially, the plan was to leave the equipment on for one week, but the experiment eventually lasted eleven weeks and ended with a video summarizing the display’s condition after 1,800 hours of continuous operation.

The results are very positive and, as the author himself says, at the very beginning of the film? ?? burnout of OLED should not be your concern ??. After more than 1800 hours, the matrix showed no noticeable color changes compared to another OLED Switch. The only problem Wulff Den noticed was a slightly dim whiteness. The author intends to continue the study until the difference is visible to the naked eye. As he himself points out, we can wait a while for the results.

He left the Switch turned on for 1800 hours - he was testing the OLED display - illustration # 1

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