Switzerland cuts quarantine for Covid-19 infected: The situation is critical

The quarantine for those infected with the coronavirus will be reduced from ten to five days, the Swiss government said. The new rules will come into force from Thursday. This change is related to the increasing number of Omicron infections, which take much less time to develop in the body.

The Swiss Federal Council explains that the reason for this decision is the increasing number of infections with the Omikron variant, which has a much faster transmission than the previous variants and a shorter time of disease development in the body.

Swiss authorities are not hiding that tens of thousands of people contract the coronavirus every day. There are fears that the current wave of the pandemic could cripple the healthcare system soon.

It is emphasized that although the Omikron appears less dangerous than the previous variants, hospitalization is expected to increase due to the very high number of infections. On the last day in Switzerland, 32,881 new cases were confirmed.

“It can be assumed that the rapid increase in the incidence of Covid-19 will lead medical care, or rather its efficiency in terms of nurses, to the limit” – predict the authorities.

In Switzerland so far two-thirds of the population completed the full vaccination course.

“The epidemic situation is critical and still difficult to assess,” wrote the Swiss government in a press release, which also proposes an extension to the end of March of restrictions on public life introduced last month.

You will need to show proof of vaccination or recovery when entering many public places, and work from home where possible.

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