Sydney Sweeney, actress of Euphoria, released a film to star in the Rolling Stone video

A lo largo de su trayectoria, los Rolling Stones han demonstrated in our videos a querencia by Hollywood actresses who combine erotic capital with rebellion. Ficharon to Angelina Jolie to interpret a dancer from a night club in Anybody Seen My Babyhas Patricia Arquette for a review of Bob Dylan’s classic Like a Rolling Stonethere is Kristen Stewartsin rumbo en un Mustang por las carreteras del desierto, en Ride ‘Em on Down. For your regreso after 18 years of recording sequence, you have a Mercedes 560 SL convertible Sidney Sweeney (Spokane, Washington, Estados Unidos, 1997), one of the most charismatic performers of the new generation. In the video of Angrythe first single from his disco Hackney Diamonds, Syd, as he prefers that song, canta and contonea a lo largo de Sunset Strip enfundada en un corpiño de cuero y unos pants shorts con tachuelas que se por sus piernas con stars recortadas sobre black media, mittens and leather boots, gargantilla of sliders and delineador of black eyes, in contrast with its ruby ​​melena al Viento.

For the followers of the actress, nominated for Emmy the time passed by our memorable papeles en Euphoria y The White Lotus, the video contains a guide to one of our aficiones, vintage cars. In on TikTok @syds_garage I’m going to detail the restoration of a completely new Ford Bronco and I’ve seen a few videos, approved by the Detroit auto school, where I learned to compromise the tire pressure, fix the car with pins or check the oil level.

Sidney Sweeney reality: An Iraq veteran who slept with a Pokemon colcha

Su new film, realityalso trata, precisely, sobre los stereotypes related to femininity. The appearance of the real person that interprets it as a psychological thriller based on the motive of emotion in the media, in the same way that it is Sweeney’s despampanante physics has a misogynistic object in red. In fact, the public opinion of your country is surprised by the accusations of revealing the secrets of Estado on the part of a Ruby yoga monitor, which in addition to the photos of Instagram show a free pink book and a colcha of Pokemon. “Para el mído era una señal de que podían tratarla como estúpida, pero para mí significa que tiene sentido del humor”, distinguished Sydney Sweeney in the Berlinale pasada, in which Tina Satter’s first opera participated in the Panorama section.

For more than 26 years, Reality Winner was a veteran of the Armed Forces in the Iraqi and Afghan wars, translating Arabic, Farsi, Pashto and Dari for the National Security Agency.

The film addresses a complicated situation. So I am enchanted. Is a person with contradictions. I tried to discover it, and discovered my motivations. As all women are not allowed by these presunciones At the same time as our lives, it doesn’t matter what your situation is. He underestimated us. As if to demonstrate to the people that it is equivocated and part of our power”, Sydney Sweeney performed at the Berlinale, in which Tina Satter’s first opera participated in the Panorama section.

Siydney Sweeney in a photo of Reality, a film that was released on September 15 in Film.Mickey Mina LLC

The theater and the cinema verbatim, the reality contada palabra por palabra

The propuesta is an absolutely true representation of what happened on June 3, 2017 near and inside Reality Winer’s house. Reproduce, speech by speech, with our tartamudeos, our silent inconveniences and banalities of the interrogation which was sometida by the agents of the FBI. This type of technique, extended in the theater, is the verbatim llama, and consists in that the actors repeat the recorded interviews or the juicios transcribed from the real people that they can retratar, revealing as if the human, social and ethical drama. In Spain, in this case, for example, of the Ruz-Bárcenas case, the drama starts from the transcription of the declaration that Luis Bárcenas delivered before the court of Pablo Ruz on July 15, 2013 in the National Court.

Aunque la film de Tina Satter ne se decanta por elevar a Winner as heroína ni embarrasse como traidora a la ción por su filtración de documents reservados, es profundamente política, pero a Syd no le supuso ningún reparo involucrarse en a project that has lost a very deep debate in its polarized country: “Succedió. Es real. No hay ni a single palabra that we do not appear in the transcription. Simply we are mostrando where we pasó, where Reality experienced. Se muestra abass parts, but we hope that we plasmar at what momento as a human experience, abra más los ojos a Reality como persona”.

In these last years, Sydney Sweeney has installed the accelerator on her road. Aunque la huelga de guionistas ha ha hecho aminarar la marcha, para 2024 y 2025 ya se prefilan la third time of Euphoria y su participación en el remake of Barbarellathe terror thriller Immaculate, which he worked with Álvaro Morte, and the new film from the Marvel universe Madam Web, which starred Julia Carpenter, is, Spider-Woman.

As the persona that interpreted in the fiction, Sydney is prohibited from revealing details of many of its projects under firm embargoes and confidentiality contracts.just recognize that you have to avoid it. spoilers: “I’m learning. I’m an amicable person and I’m tasting it abiertamente, but in the interviews I can’t be bothered. a par of meses”.

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