Sydney Sweeney Just Weared Miu Miu’s $975 Denim Bra

Sydney Sweeney, aka the darling of the fashion world, is on trend.at her press conference anyone but youThe new rom-com icon wore a whopping 10 outfits in 48 hours, and every one of them was killer.

Although her movie’s hit tour has ended, Sweeney continues to bring awesome looks to her fashion. Wednesday, Euphoria Alum takes the Canadian tuxedo into high-fashion territory by wearing a denim suit.

Sydney’s Yassified all-denim look

Sweeney’s recent outings have included both red carpets and highly glamorous parties, requiring a more formal dress code. This week, however, she went in the opposite direction, rocking a look that many would consider completely casual: denim-on-denim.

The actor has a knack for injecting a high-fashion edge into anything she wears—even good jeans. Her indigo jacket was absolutely dazzling, with massive floral embroidery and it was covered in intricate beadwork. It brings a luxurious feel to Sweeney’s basic pieces. She paired the coat with high-waisted jeans in the same dark wash.

Sydney Sweeney dazzled in a denim jacket, jeans and denim bra.

Sweeney’s jacket and bottoms are both from Miu Miu, which feels totally on-brand considering she’s starred in several Miu Miu campaigns in recent years.

Important: Her denim bra

Instead of a top, Sweeney wore just a bra – also in denim. This figure-hugging piece features a plunging neckline and Miu Miu-signed straps.

Sydney Sweeney dazzled in a denim jacket, jeans and denim bra.

The look is not only stylish, but also sustainable. Her suit is part of Miu Miu’s fourth upcycled collection, a conscious move that features vintage pieces that have been reworked and redesigned.

Wait, how much does it cost? !

Like anything under the Miu Miu brand, Sweeney’s bras come with a hefty price tag: $975, to be exact.

NGL, I’m tempted.

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