“Syrup nails”, the summer trend “as delicious as it is brilliant”

The glory days of matcha-style nails and their milky green are over, the same fate for its cousin called “blueberry milk nails”. It’s the turn of the “syrup nails”
to shine this summer. Translated as “syrup nails”, this manicure trend straight from Asia, and more specifically from South Korea and Japan, is supposed to copy the glossy look of syrup.

Nails with a glossy finish

Just like the “glazed donut nails”, the “syrup nails” result in their extreme glow. No chrome or lacquered aspect like the icing of a donut here but rather a syrupy effect which has the advantage of being able to be declined in a multitude of colors. Minimalist and customizable according to everyone’s tastes and desires, “syrup nails” simply have to be shiny and tangy to bring a fresh and summery touch to any look. It’s up to everyone to determine which taste suits them best: mint, anise, strawberry, grenadine, lemon, or peach, it doesn’t matter, as long as the result is as delicious as it is brilliant.

Reproduce “syrup nails” at home

To adopt TikTok’s favorite manicure, nothing could be simpler, all you need is a base or a finishing varnish and a classic varnish or gel version for long-lasting hold. The easiest technique to reproduce, consists in depositing one or two drops of classic varnish, whatever the color, in a bottle of base coat or top coat, in other words a base varnish or a finish. Once this task is accomplished, apply the mixture to the nail and multiply the layers to obtain the desired syrupy finish.

A handful of users directly buy nail polishes formulated to guarantee this tangy and glossy appearance, while others opt for an ombré effect by degrading the layers of varnish from the top to the bottom of the nail.

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